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  • Hopping Frog




    Hopping Frog(跳跳蛙) is a fun and simple game for everyone, including young players. Just tap on a nearby lily pad to jump from one to another. You will get 2 points of score for each jump. You may also jump onto a rock to stay, but it will cost 10 points of food every second. Instead, jumping on a...

  • 中国象棋-古谱残局




    中国象棋博大精深,古谱残局更是爱好者的研究重点。为了方便对弈推敲,《中国象棋-古谱残局》特别收集了1000多盘经典的古谱残局。对于每一个残局,用户可以自己研究,和电脑对弈,或者让电脑演示一种可能的走法,推敲每一步,帮助您的棋力迅速增长。 主要功能: *对于每一个残局,用户可以自己研究,和电脑对弈,或让电脑演示可能的走法 *专有的复盘功能方便用户深入研究棋局,提高自己水平 *用户可以录入自己的残局 *可以通过名字或棋子布局搜索残局 *最基本功能:和电脑下一盘完整的棋 Chinese Chess v1.0 for...

  • Yellow Duck Edu Software Suite




    Yellow Duck is an educational software suite comprising of 89 fun and educational activities and interactive games for children aged from 2 to 10. It helps kids learn many of the skills needed throughout their early childhood, including recognition of colors, shapes, music, and words. Also, it...

  • 拖拉机和斗地主




    Play Tractor or Fight the Landlord game on your SmartPhone or Tablet. 拖拉机和斗地主游戏。支持中英文。 Tractor is a game for four players. These players are in two fixed partnerships, partners sitting opposite each other. A double deck of standard international cards is used, with four jokers. The object of...

  • CAL EDICT Kids




    CAL EdICTKids is an educational app complementing the Awakening ICT Series: Nursery, Kindergarten, and Preparatory. Preschool children have fun learning basic skills like color and shape recognition. In addition, young learners are provided with mathematics and reading activities to supplement...

  • ShareKit




    ShareKit is a FREE and easy tool to help users uploading videos/images to YouTube, Facebook or Flickr from Android smartphones or tablets. The app is secure, user-friendly, and light in size. [Features] 1>Upload videos to YouTube, Facebook 2>Upload images to Facebook, Flickr

  • Yellow Duck - Math




    Math is one of the YellowDuck educational software suite Apps. It is designed for kids age 2+ to learn numbers and basic math skills in a very simple and intuitive way. It will teach your kids how to count, as well the basics of addition and subtraction. Kids will have fun in playing and...

  • Yellow Duck - First Words




    First Words is one of the YellowDuck educational software suite Apps. It is designed for kids age 2+ to explore and learn the basic words in a very simple and intuitive way. Kids learn various categories of common words through real object pictures. For each picture, the word spelling is...

  • PowerBrain




    PowerBrain consists of twelve brain games to test and improve your memory, concentration, focus, logical thinking, and ability to solve problems. Do you have a good memory? these games are perfect for you: *Super Cube - the target is to find the different blocks between two cube walls. There is...

  • ezCards


    Creating greeting cards is easy and free with ezCards. You can create customized greeting cards with plenty of decorations. Starting from scratch or pre-defined templates, you can add personal words, import own pictures, and organize all decorations freely. Making the unique greeting cards is so...

  • ShapeThis


    Shape this and share this, you have one of the coolest graphical tools to transform photos into amazing images with unique shapes, which are perfect for webpage graphical design, or you can just share them with family and friends. There are more than 400 predefined shapes to choose, you can even...

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