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    Nerve Whiz

    Designed by a neuromuscular neurologist at the University of Michigan, Nerve Whiz is a free application for medical professionals interested in learning the complex anatomy of nerve roots, plexuses, and peripheral nerves. Select which muscles are weak, or point to areas of sensory loss, and the application can provide you with distinguishing featur…

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    Jetlag is the result of a disrupted circadian clock. Entrain simulates your circadian clock on the phone and makes mathematically optimal lighting recommendations to help you adjust as fast as possible to new timezones and schedules. The recommendations, which tell you when to seek light and/or dark, are based on new research in the journal PLoS Co…

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    One Cool Thing

    It’s a simple promise: One cool thing delivered to you every day. Cutting-edge technology Amazing photos New discoveries No matter what it is, we promise that it will be cool. The One Cool Thing app comes to you from the editors of The Michigan Engineer magazine and the University of Michigan College of Engineering -- one of the top ranked engi…

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    Download 3D SSPP 3D SSPP icon
    3D SSPP

    This app is a simplification of the Three-Dimensional Static Strength Prediction Program for PCs developed at the Center for Ergonomics at the University of Michigan. This professional program is used by Ergonomists, Occupational Therapists, Forensic Scientists and other scientists throughout the world to perform whole-body biomechanical analyses.

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    Download PlainMed PlainMed icon

    This free basic app converts medical language into everyday English. It is based on the award-winning Plain Language Medical Dictionary widget designed by Taubman Health Sciences Library, University of Michigan. Features • Browse for a medical term and view its non-medical definition. • Search a prefix such as "cardio" to easily find the…

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    Download Congrats Michigan Engineer! Congrats Michigan Engineer! icon
    Congrats Michigan Engineer!

    Congrats to you, a future #Mgineer! Our app invites admitted first-year college students and future Mgineers to explore the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Easily keep track of next steps Be notified of important deadlines Explore what college life will be like at Michigan Engineering, including: academics and opportunities avail…

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    Download MAQI2 Anticoagulation Toolkit MAQI2 Anticoagulation Toolkit icon
    MAQI2 Anticoagulation Toolkit

    This mobile app provides healthcare practitioners with an up-to-date, easy-to-use resource for managing anticoagulation patients more safely and effectively. The content was developed by the Michigan Anticoagulation Quality Improvement Initiative (MAQI2), a Blue Cross Blue Shield/Blue Care Network of Michigan sponsored consortium of anticoagulation…

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    Download Project GUARD Project GUARD icon
    Project GUARD

    The Project GUARD app utilizes a Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) model. The app collects gender; age; and self-reported behaviors (drinking, exercise, stress), strengths, goals, and benefits. Any personal information collected is kept private and confidential. These data are used to provide participants individualized…

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    Download MOTT Pre-Operative Diet MOTT Pre-Operative Diet icon
    MOTT Pre-Operative Diet

    This App provides rules for eating and drinking before your surgical procedure at the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital of the University of Michigan Health System. Please adhere to these rules.

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    Download UMSkinCheck UMSkinCheck icon

    UMSkinCheck is intended for skin cancer self exam and surveillance that allows users to complete and store a full body photographic library, track detected moles/lesions, access informational videos and literature and fill out a melanoma risk calculator. A skin cancer self exam is used to identify suspicious moles or lesions that may be cancer or…

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