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    iBow 3D

    Bow 3D - A new and fabulous 3D shooting game. The greedy King has sent his men out to acquire more land for him. You're a professional archer defending your land from soldiers who are trying to kill you. In the beginning you've strategically stationed yourself behind a fence that gives you a center view of their attack. At first your wearin…

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    Download Diseases & Conditions (A-z) Diseases & Conditions (A-z) icon
    Diseases & Conditions (A-z)

    A Comprehensive guides on 2200+ of diseases & conditions database. Drugs, Medicines, Dictionary, Glossary, Medical, facts, Conditions, Diseases HIGHLIGHTS: * Multiple screens interface * Very easy to use * Some Modules are Interactive LANGUAGES: English DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided…

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    Download Drug Interactions (A-z) Drug Interactions (A-z) icon
    Drug Interactions (A-z)

    A-Z medical drug information-28,000+ generic and trade name drugs. drug interactions, drugs, vitamins, dietary, supplements, medications, medicine, medical HIGHLIGHTS: * Very easy to use LANGUAGES: English DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided by this application is accurate, up-to-date, and compl…

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    Download VirtualHeart3D VirtualHeart3D icon

    Virtual Heart 3D is a wonderful, informative and easy to use App. Learn and view the Human Heart's exterior and interior in full color! Navigate throughout the heart, dissect it or Label components. Tap on 'pins' and a popup window appears with specific information regarding that area. Navigation allows for 3D viewing 360 degrees. Type…

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    Download Law/Legal Dictionary Law/Legal Dictionary icon
    Law/Legal Dictionary

    7,250+ Legal terms and topics. The application maintains a history of the 100 most recently viewed items. dictionary, law, legal, abbreviation, law dictionary, legal dictionary, legal abbreviation HIGHLIGHTS: * Multiple screens interface * Easy to use LANGUAGES: English DISCLAIMER: We absolutely cannot provide specific information to in…

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    Download Pumpkin Zombies Pumpkin Zombies icon
    Pumpkin Zombies

    Pumpkin Zombies is the newest and MOST innovated "shoot-em up game". Protect your pumpkin patch and farm from these ugly and vicious Zombies! Select a weapon, earn dollars for your kills AND BLOW THOSE SLIMY MONSTERS FROM THE PLANET!

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    Download 3D Video: Human Anatomy 3D Video: Human Anatomy icon
    3D Video: Human Anatomy

    3D-video of Human Anatomy at a glance! 263 Colorful Medical videos for quick viewing with audio and text description. Video examples: Stroke, Teeth grinding, Tension Headaches, osteoarthritis of the hip, Normal VS. Alzheimer's, Influenza, Lasik Surgery procedure, Intrathecal Pump, DHA in Pregnancy, How does tarter form on the teeth, Hammer Toe…

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    Download The UltimateMedical Dictionary The UltimateMedical Dictionary icon
    The UltimateMedical Dictionary

    The Ultimate Medical Dictionary gives you access to over 128,000 + medical terminology. This app is very extensive but may not contain a certain term or condition. However, we have tried to please everyone. This app loads in less than 5 seconds which is very fast for such a large database. All emails will be responded to promptly. No subscription n…

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    Download Princess Bella Princess Bella icon
    Princess Bella

    Princess Bella is an original fairy tale. What a wonderful App. Take the journey with Bella and her cousin Sidney as they befriend animals in the Enchanted Forest. Meet Blackie, Alex, Jasper, Husky, a little mouse named Skeets and the very mean Black Bart! The girls are kidnapped by a nasty villain and the talking and very brave animals avow to get…

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