• Firefox chrome.manifest

    Firefox chrome.manifest




    This is NOT Firefox browser. A reference guide to Firefox add-on/extensions developer. This application is a easy handbook to lookup the fields off chrome.manifest file for the Firefox add-on/extensions developer

  • DeveloperCheatsheets





    Cheatsheets for developers. 1. AngularJS 2. Backbone 3. Chrome Developers 4. CSS3 5. HTML5 6. Java 7. JavaScript 8. MooTools 9. PHP 10. Python 11. Regex 12. Ruby On Rails

  • WebGL Cheatsheet

    WebGL Cheatsheet




    A simple yet great and first of its kind application for Web Developers. This application acts as a pocket reference to the developers who work with WebGL(Web Graphics Library)

  • Javascript Tips Box

    Javascript Tips Box




    A simple application which will teach you Javascript in a PRO way. It is neither a reference guide, nor the holy book of Javascript, just some of the notes I compiled as a part of my study of Javascript from the books recommended by world's greatest Javascript programmers and Google's...

  • HTML5 Tutor

    HTML5 Tutor




    An awesome application to learn HTML5 interactively. You can use the built-in tutorials and demos to learn. Also Code samples are provided. Teaches new CSS3 properties like animation, transition, opacity. Teaches new Javascript APIs in HTML5. Teaches and demos HTML5 tags like <audio> and...

  • Mechanical Animations

    Mechanical Animations




    Simple application explaining mechanical animations for the purpose of education and learning. 1. Geneva Drive 2. Wankel Cycle 3. Radial Engine 4. 4 Stroke Engine 5. Boxer Engine 6. Slider Crank Motion 7. Hooke's Joint 8. Camshaft 9. Walschaerts valve gear

  • HTML5 Demos

    HTML5 Demos




    A Showcase application to exhibit powers of HTML5 which can be leveraged to create more attractive and compelling mobile and web applications. This application demonstrates features like CSS Animations, CSS3 Fonts, Session Storage and much more. The application will be updated from time to time...

  • Fruit Eater

    Fruit Eater




    A simple time consuming game application. Complete the row of similar fruits in horizontal or vertical line. Gain the points and beat the score. A nice pass time gaming application for adults and children.

  • Mozilla News

    Mozilla News




    Mozilla News for developers is a simple application which helps you stay updated with the current development and new projects that are going on at Mozilla. Use this application to stay updated with the new technologies and projects that are launched by Mozilla. Often news regarding Mozilla...

  • Chrome HTML5 Supported?

    Chrome HTML5 Supported?




    This app is especially intended to be used by mobile web developers. Detect support for HTML5 features like Canvas, Border Radius, CSS Animations & Transforms, 3D & WebGL, LocalStorage, HTML5 Video and many many more for latest versions of Chrome. Use Chrome HTML5 Supported to implement...

  • Firefox Manifest Generator

    Firefox Manifest Generator




    Especially for firefox developers. A handy developer tool for generating install.rdf file for writing extensions and add on for firefox web browser.

  • SizeCalculator





    Instantly calculate the image sizes required for all android device densities like HDPI, MDPI, XHDPI and XXHDPI. Suppose, you have an image of size 72x48 which you want to use for 'mdpi' type screen of an Android device. But now you need to figure out what should be the sizes of other...

  • Maths Formulas

    Maths Formulas




    A simple yet elegant maths handbook for students, scientist, engineers and analysts. Maths Formulas just lists all the formulas related to: 1. Polynomials 2. Calculus 3. Probability 4. Trignometry 5. Geometry 6. Logic. Features 1. Works well even when the device is not connected to the...

  • Firefox HTML5 Supported

    Firefox HTML5 Supported




    Detect support for HTML5 features like Canvas, Border Radius, CSS Animations & Transforms, 3D & WebGL, LocalStorage, HTML5 Video and many many more for latest versions of Firefox. Use Firefox HTML5 Supported to implement the beauty of HTML5 into your Add-Ons, Extensions and Apps...

  • Firefox Developer Cheatsheet

    Firefox Developer Cheatsheet




    This is NOT Firefox browser. ESPECIALLY and STRICTLY for Mozilla Firefox Developers who develop extension, add-on, themes or apps for Firefox web browser. A reference guide to Mozilla Firefox developer. Field summary and details for Firefox extension's Install Manifest file install.rdf are...

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