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    HTML5 Supported for Android

    Detect support for HTML5 features like Canvas, Border Radius, CSS Animations & Transforms, 3D & WebGL, LocalStorage, HTML5 Video and many many more for latest versions of Android. Use Android HTML5 Supported to implement the beauty of HTML5 into your Web based mobile Apps and Websites. Detects support of HTML5 in the stock browser of follo…

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    Download Maths Formulas Maths Formulas icon
    Maths Formulas

    A simple yet elegant maths handbook for students, scientist, engineers and analysts. Maths Formulas just lists all the formulas related to: 1. Polynomials 2. Calculus 3. Probability 4. Trignometry 5. Geometry 6. Logic. Features 1. Works well even when the device is not connected to the internet. 2. Does not ask for unnecessary permissions. 3. No…

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    Download Javascript Tips Box Javascript Tips Box icon
    Javascript Tips Box

    A simple application which will teach you Javascript in a PRO way. It is neither a reference guide, nor the holy book of Javascript, just some of the notes I compiled as a part of my study of Javascript from the books recommended by world's greatest Javascript programmers and Google's employees. This App is not for beginners of programming…

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    Download Javascript Libraries Catalog Javascript Libraries Catalog icon
    Javascript Libraries Catalog

    This App needs Active Internet Connection for it to be used. The offline support will be added in future releases. Javascript Libraries Catalog list 40+(and counting..) Javascript libraries for Mobile Game development, mobile UI development etc. Some of the famous libraries for mobile app development like jQueryMobile, Sencha Touch, JQTouch are l…

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    Download SizeCalculator SizeCalculator icon

    Instantly calculate the image sizes required for all android device densities like HDPI, MDPI, XHDPI and XXHDPI. Suppose, you have an image of size 72x48 which you want to use for 'mdpi' type screen of an Android device. But now you need to figure out what should be the sizes of other screen types. Here are the steps. 1. Enter the size 72…

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    Download Fruit Eater Fruit Eater icon
    Fruit Eater

    A simple time consuming game application. Complete the row of similar fruits in horizontal or vertical line. Gain the points and beat the score. A nice pass time gaming application for adults and children.

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