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  • Ghost Blaster

    Ghost Blaster




    Are you scared of monsters, ghosts or vampires? Well this Halloween you can be the Hero of your city! You probably thinking of how can you be the hero? Well it’s simple, it looks like for this Halloween, there won’t be no costume party in your city, cause there’s magic going on and it looks like...

  • Animal Quiz for kids

    Animal Quiz for kids




    Ready to go back to school? No matter the age your kids have, for preschool kids or school kids, toddlers and kindergarten kids, this animal quiz games are surely a fun way to entertain them and at the same time to learn something new about all kinds of beautiful baby animals. This is a fun...

  • Super Hero Quiz

    Super Hero Quiz




    Are you a comic-book enthusiast and you’ll like to see how many super heroes you can recognize if tested? Well there’s no better way than playing a super hero quiz game or trying similar super heroes trivia games on your android device and see how many of them characters names you can guess. Here...

  • Hungry Robot

    Hungry Robot




    Who said that robots eat only screws, bolts and circuit parts? Well it looks like this one has a big appetite for fast food and he is about to eat lots and lots of hamburgers, ice creams, pizza and of course fries. You might had though he will be like the usual robots that you might had played in...

  • Antivirus Quiz

    Antivirus Quiz




    Do you want to see how much you know about antivirus programs and apps? Antivirus Quiz is one of the best apps that can teach you all kinds of stuff about virus software, antitheft, hacks, tips and tricks and much more. The game is designed for kids and people of all ages, it’s database has...

  • Movie Quotes Quiz

    Movie Quotes Quiz




    Do you like watching movies a lot? Well it might got stuck in your head some memorable quotes, whether they were really funny or genius, you got them, and in this Movie Quotes Quiz you can finally test your memory and find out if you know where did you heard the quote. How do you play the app...

  • 1300 Bucharest Race

    1300 Bucharest Race




    How much do you love playing car racing games? You maybe already used to driving muscle cars, classic or more modern cars, but what about driving a classic old European car, an Romanian old car in the city of Bucharest? Starting today you can visit one of the most famous monuments of the...

  • Valentines Love Tester

    Valentines Love Tester




    What does your Crush think about you? Are you searching for love for the Valentine's Day Holiday of 2014? Well this app might suit you just well, as with this fun Valentine android game you can find out pretty easily what your crush thinks about you, which is his deepest secret and most of...

  • Adrenaline Rush - Racing Game

    Adrenaline Rush - Racing Game




    For fans who love the old arcade racing games and wants to relive that feeling of what the old 90’s car games had given them, well than Adrenaline Rush is surely one arcade game that you would love. With effects that simulates the CRT screen of old TV’s a simple gameplay, Adrenaline Rush is...

  • Shanghai Taxi Race

    Shanghai Taxi Race




    Can you imagine how the Taxi Drivers race in the city in Shanghai? Well starting today you can have some fun playing a fun 2D Racing game in one of the biggest city of China and you're going to drive with style, with a taxi car like this, you can imagine that it will be one of your best...

  • Monsters World Cup Brazil

    Monsters World Cup Brazil




    Are you ready for the football FIFA World Cup 2014 games? Well there had been all kinds of special preparations in Brazil for this big World Event. All the stuff you can think, from Stadiums, full cities, hotels, markets to t-Shirts, balls, grass, decorations and music all these had been...

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