Download Racing Game Racing Game icon
    Racing Game

    Car Game is a very simple casual game available for free on Android. Tilt your phone left and right to steer the car. Avoid going off road - the grass slows you down! Finish in the best time possible and beat the level record! Unique level generated every time you play :) You cannot lose this game, you will always reach the finish line, but how q…

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    Download Quack Attack FREE Duck Hunt Quack Attack FREE Duck Hunt icon
    Quack Attack FREE Duck Hunt

    Go on a duck hunt today! Quack Attack is a fun casual duck hunting game available FREE on Android. If you are a fan of classic retro duck hunting games you will love this fun shooting game - it's a tribute to classic duck hunting lightgun shooting games that you can play on your touchscreen android phone or tablet, with the added bonus of crisp…

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    Download Street Race Swipe Racing Game Street Race Swipe Racing Game icon
    Street Race Swipe Racing Game

    Street Race Swipe is a very simple casual racing game available for free on Android. Swipe the screen up or down to change lanes, avoid the other luxury sports cars! Avoid crashing your sports car for as long as possible to earn a high score! A simple fun top down racing game suitable for children and adults of all ages. Play this fast and furiou…

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    Download Fruit Run FREE Slot Machine Fruit Run FREE Slot Machine icon
    Fruit Run FREE Slot Machine

    Fruit Run FREE Slot Machine is a fun fruit machine / slot machine casino gambling game. If you like slot machines, fruit machines, and one armed bandits, this game is for you! Spin, hold, and nudge your way to riches. Win the jackpot and become a Vegas high roller, just try not to lose all your winnings before you cash out! Fruit Run Slot Machine…

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    Download Hardest Free Brain Game Hardest Free Brain Game icon
    Hardest Free Brain Game

    Train your brain to multitask by playing four fun games at one time! Hardest Free Brain Game, the ultimate free brain training multitasking workout! Avoid asteroids in space, play a crazy jump game like canabalt, solve math problems, and race luxury sports racing cars. All at the same time! Very addictive free fun game! Improve your brain, reflex…

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    Download Zombie Game Zombie Game icon
    Zombie Game

    Zombie Survival is a fun casual game available for free on Android. It is suitable for all ages. For the first time children and grandparents can share the fun of good wholesome zombie brain eating shenanigans - Zombie Survival is fun for the whole family :) Think of Zombie Survival as the essence of survival horror classics like resident evil an…

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    Download Little Fish Little Fish icon
    Little Fish

    A fun, free, fishing, fishy, Little Fish game! * Control a little orange fish... * Eat smaller fish and avoid bigger fish * Avoid red poison fish! The more you eat the bigger you get! HD cartoon graphics, perfect for tablets. Little Fish can be controlled by tap touch, tilt, or joypad (xperia play, moga, wiimote). Normal mode - post high score…

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    Download 3D Games Engine 3D Games Engine icon
    3D Games Engine

    This is an experimental 3D demo I started working on. It is the beginnings of a pseudo 3D game engine (2D world, 3D visuals) that could be further developed into a number of 3D games (examples - Doom style FPS or a 3D racing game). It is far from finished in its current state. You can find out more here - http://theinvader360.blogspot.co.uk/2012/0…

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    Download Super Jump Super Jump icon
    Super Jump

    Jump as high as possible, jump from platform to platform, collect coins and jewels to get a high score. Super Jump is a super fun free jumping game! * Unlockable characters and level styles * Leaderboards and achievements * Free fun game for all ages! Super Jump was created using LibGDX. I hope you have fun playing SUPER JUMP!

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    Download LibGDX Game Services Tutorial LibGDX Game Services Tutorial icon
    LibGDX Game Services Tutorial

    Interested in making your own games? Have some experience with LibGDX and now looking to integrate with Google Play Game Services? Check out this tutorial app! This is a sample game/application demonstrating how to integrate a LibGDX Android game with Google Play Game Services (leaderboards and achievements). The game itself is one of the example…

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