Theis Borg

  • Android Lost

    Android Lost




    Remotely control your Android phone from the internet or by SMS. Features: * read sent and received SMS messages * wipe phone * lock phone * erase SD card * locate by GPS or network * start alarm with flashing screen * send SMS from web page * message popup * forward calls * phone status:...

  • Android Lost Tracker

    Android Lost Tracker




    Most tracker apps will give you a point on a map where your phone currently is. But imagine you have lost it in an office building or a mall where there is no GPS signal. Then the map will just show you an inaccurate position within several 100 meters where there can be hundreds of people with...

  • Offline Browser

    Offline Browser




    With this app you can download your favorite websites to your SD card and browse them when you are offline. You can now also add a timed download so your favorite website is downloaded at 7 AM so you can view it when going to work. This is the very first version and bugs may occur - if you find...

  • Smiley Map

    Smiley Map




    Et kort med smiley's fra restauranter, butikker, daginstitutioner, bagerier osv. Hvis der er problemer med at se pdf dokumenterne er det fødevarestyrelsen i skal brokke jer til - jeg linker bare til deres dokumenter. Keywords: smiley, restaurant, fødevarer, dk, dansk, danmark

  • AndroidLost Jumpstart

    AndroidLost Jumpstart




    This is NOT androidlost. Do NOT install this unless you have a lost tablet without SMS connection and cannot start the registration process. This app will wake up the registration process on the androidlost app when ever a phone call is made, an SMS received, battery is low, a package is added,...

  • SMS 4 Geeks

    SMS 4 Geeks




    This app will turn your android device into an SMS gateway where you can send and receive SMS'es on your own web page or programming code. You can also make notifications appear. It is meant to be used by developers so if you are just a normal user this is probably not for you. Some ideas...

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