Themes For Droid

  • Go Launcher EX Warrior Theme




    This is a spectacular Go Launcher EX Warrior Theme. If you are interested in eastern culture and especially in martial arts then this original and manually created theme will be ideal for you. This one shows eastern warrior, called in whole world samurai who appeared in japan between 6th - 7th...

  • Heart Live Wallpaper




    Application to Live Wallpaper with heart motif, This Wallpaper shows big red heart with butterflies. Background is in pink and blue color. Smaller brighter heart sometimes appear in the background and flies to the top. Big heart gently rising and falling. If you are person in love or romantic...

  • ADW Leopard Theme




    Application to ADW Launcher with leopard fur motif. Wallpaper shows leopard pattern. If you are fan of animals and especially these from Africa this application is for you. Wallpaper looks exactly the same as fur of this animal. Background of main manu is also leopard fur. Application is directed...

  • GO Locker Sky World Theme




    Locker to smartphones with flying islands motif. Picture shows flying island. On island is lighthouse and background is full of clouds. Lock bar is blue and white with island motif. Time, date and notifications are also in blue and white colors. Application is for people who likes to be oryginal...

  • GO Contacts Theme Halloween




    The application to GO Contacts on Halloween Day. Scary application in which are dried tree with hanging pumpkins. They got scary smile and deep eyes. In the background are sunset and flying bats. Names of contacts are orange, date and time are brown. Keyboard and button to calling are in black...

  • GO Launcher EX Theme Halloween




    Trick or treat! We invite you to Halloween reality with our launcher. You can have very terrible cruel pumpkins on you mobile! Pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween. This day is full of nightmare like witch, ghosts and vampires too. It is very scary mystery day. People used to think that in a pumpkin...

  • GO Launcher EX Pink Leopard




    GO Launcher EX Pink Leopard Them. Leopard Skin in black spots. Large admixture of pink. Immediately comes to mind the pink panther. Popular in the eighties movie. That probably was not the leopard spots, however. Beautiful mottled pattern on the display. With a pink background. Icon of tiny pink...

  • GO Contacts Sweet Strips




    Application to GO Contacts with theme of leopard skin. The cult pattern is now in the GO Contacts. Background of contact list is leopard skin. Names of contacts, date and clock have shades of brown. Keyboard keys have leopard trace on brown background, numbers and letters are in light brown...

  • ADW Theme Valentine Day




    Application to ADW Launcher to Valentine's Day. Wallpaper shows couple in love with big moon and pink clouds in the background. Heart and shining stars are flying above lovers. Background of main manu application is also couple in love on pink background. Each of icons contains white and...

  • GO Launcher EX Violet Zebra




    Application to GO Launcher EX with theme of zebra fur. Theme contains three different backgrounds with zebra fur. Two of them are violet, one is black. All of icons have violet background in the shape of circles. Main menu of application is in black color, other elements are in shades of violet....

  • ADW Theme Cherries




    Application to ADW Launcher with motif of cherries. Clear and readable app in pastel and subtle shades of pink and blue. Picture shows a big cherry on bright background with stripes. Major icons have been changed to theme of cherry, the other icons in the background has a pink bubble. The main...

  • GO Contacts Pink Leopard




    Application to GO Contacts with theme of pink leopard skin. Theme is unusual trendy and fancy. This modern pattern can be now on your smartphone. Background of contact list is pink leopard skin. Names of contacts, dates and times are black. Keyboard keys have yellow leopard footprints on pink...

  • GO SMS Pro Zoo Animals Theme




    Application for sending text messages with pictures of animals. Beautiful pictures of cute animals in your message. In the background of main manu you can see a photo with colur parrots macaws.Name and a preview the content of text message are white. Each contact has a small photo of a parrot. At...

  • Flower Live Wallpaper




    Application to Live Wallpaper with colorful flower motif. Wallpaper is a colorful falling and spinning flowers. Flowers have colors of rainbow. Flowers background is pink. If you like sweet and colorful things this application will be great for you. This Live Wallpaper is directed to people who...





    Hearts Bubbles game is insanely addictive game. It gives a lot of happiness and joy at the moment of leisure activities. You can always play it on the train, bus, subway or at school. The game is carefully prepared with a very nice and clear graphics. Break a heart as much as possible and score...

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