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Themes For Droid






    Hearts Bubbles game is insanely addictive game. It gives a lot of happiness and joy at the moment of leisure activities. You can always play it on the train, bus, subway or at school. The game is carefully prepared with a very nice and clear graphics. Break a heart as much as possible and score...

  • GO Locker Sky World Theme

    GO Locker Sky World Theme




    Locker to smartphones with flying islands motif. Picture shows flying island. On island is lighthouse and background is full of clouds. Lock bar is blue and white with island motif. Time, date and notifications are also in blue and white colors. Application is for people who likes to be oryginal...

  • Cherries Live Wallpaper

    Cherries Live Wallpaper




    Application to Live Wallpaper with cherry motif. This fruity application shows cherries which are falling. You can start counting the points when you click cherries or leaves. You can also choose between three wallpapers. First wallpaper has pastels colors - blue and pink strips. Second wallpaper...

  • GO Launcher EX Winter Theme

    GO Launcher EX Winter Theme




    Snow! Snow everywhere, even on Your phone desktop! It's so white and pretty. Snow laying on the shoulders of earth like a warm coat. Even if we know it's only a frozen water, it's still very beautifully and nice. Winter time, when everything is covered in this little, weightless...

  • GO Launcher EX Pink Leopard

    GO Launcher EX Pink Leopard




    GO Launcher EX Pink Leopard Them. Leopard Skin in black spots. Large admixture of pink. Immediately comes to mind the pink panther. Popular in the eighties movie. That probably was not the leopard spots, however. Beautiful mottled pattern on the display. With a pink background. Icon of tiny pink...

  • Go Launcher EX Hunter Theme

    Go Launcher EX Hunter Theme




    Go Launcher EX Hunter Theme is made for game masters and and casual computer players who love blood elf and killer scene. Main view of phone is based on mystic and dark atmosphere which fill your world. Discover two different faces and find out in which one you feel better. Icons are stylized in...

  • GO Contacts Theme Leopard

    GO Contacts Theme Leopard




    Application to GO Contacts with theme of leopard skin. Theme was made in modern and trendy colors like golden and brown. Background of contacts list is leopard skin. Names of contacts are golden, date and time are brown. Keyboard keys are golden and have beautiful patterns, numbers and letters...

  • GO Locker Leopard Theme

    GO Locker Leopard Theme




    Lock the panther spotted motif. Black spots on a beige background. This not only encourages soft skin but also clinging to wildness, ferocity. The world of wild fauna in the display cell. Leopard is a predatory cat.It occurs in Africa and parts of Asia.This Leopard pattern in fashion hit 2012....

  • Go Launcher EX Warrior Theme

    Go Launcher EX Warrior Theme




    This is a spectacular Go Launcher EX Warrior Theme. If you are interested in eastern culture and especially in martial arts then this original and manually created theme will be ideal for you. This one shows eastern warrior, called in whole world samurai who appeared in japan between 6th - 7th...

  • GO Launcher EX Theme Hearts

    GO Launcher EX Theme Hearts




    This theme presents big red heart dressed in different sized, pink butterflies. All of this on sweet backgrounds - bright, adorable pink or nicely combined pink with blue - both composed into beautiful wallpaper. In the corners there's even more hearts in the shape of bubbles. Isn't it...

  • ADW Theme Hearts

    ADW Theme Hearts




    Application to ADW Launcher with big heart motif. Wallpaper shows big red heart in the middle with pink butterflies on blue and pink background with white patterns. Around are smaller white transparent hearts. Background of main manu application is also big heart. Each of icons contains white...

  • GO SMS Pro Theme Hearts

    GO SMS Pro Theme Hearts




    GO SMS Pro Theme Hearts is made specially for ladies who like love and each beautiful day. Discover your phone once more and be happy with its sweet and cool appearance. From today let writing sms be more nice and colorful. Each icon are pink and designed specially for you. Main screen shows...

  • GO SMS Pro Theme Weed Ganja

    GO SMS Pro Theme Weed Ganja




    Hello :) If you are there, probably you are looking for GO SMS theme related with marijuana and smoking weed. Follow the paths of Bob Marley and get everything connected with green ganja. This theme is also perfect if you like to smoke joints. Set this theme as default and feel relaxed when you...

  • GO Contacts Sky World Theme

    GO Contacts Sky World Theme




    Application to GO Contacts with flying islands. Nice application which shows small flying islands and meadow. Names of contacts are in dark blue color. Date and time are blue. Keys of keyboard are in white and blue colors. Other elements are white and blue. Other lists of contacts shows flying...

  • Heaven and Hell Live Wallpaper

    Heaven and Hell Live Wallpaper




    Application to Live Wallpaper which shows heaven and hell on one picture. This wallpaper was made for people who likes horror movie and oryginal things. In this Live Wallpaper are heaven and hell. Beautiful angels are flying in heaven. First angel is keeping heart and second is keeping dove. On...

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