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Thiago Rosa

  • Localized Apps

    Localized Apps




    This app allows you to create shortcuts and choose which language each shortcut will use. Extremely useful for people who like to use the phone in english and want to use a specific app on another language! EXAMPLE: android system in english and run google maps in portuguese Using a localized...

  • TT Racing (Season 4)

    TT Racing (Season 4)




    Top view time trial racing game with online ghosts and retro graphics right in your pocket! This is the new season with a lot of improvements! +++ IMPROVED CONTROLS +++ +++ BIGGER TRACKS +++ Features: * 4 cars * 13 tracks * 3 game modes (touch / tilt / steer) * online ghosts * online rankings...

  • Biohazard Escape

    Biohazard Escape




    Escape from the viruses as long as you can! +++ TABLET SUPPORT +++ CONTROLS * Touch anywhere the screen to start. * Keep moving your finger to flee from the viruses. RULES * Do not touch any virus! * Do not move your finger outside the screen! * Pick the energy sphere before the viruses,...

  • Best Deal

    Best Deal




    This app helps you decide what is more advantageous: a down payment or installments! ------------------------------------------------ EXAMPLE 1 - Total Amount: $12000.00 Option 1: buy in cash with a discount of 10% Amount to be Paid: $10800.00 (with discount) Option 2: to divide the purchase...





    Compete with thousands of Wii players around the world! has more than 130000 records submitted for more than 500 games! This is an utility application that is capable of sending records achieved by the user to the site automatically.

  • Browser to Phone

    Browser to Phone




    This app is entirely based on Chrome to Phone! It has the same features (and bugs, lol) as the original with some additional cool features! The original app is awesome and it deserves all the credits, this app is only adding more features! Browser to Phone lets you process incoming links...

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