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  • ICS Face Unlock For All - Free




    Want the Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock but don't have Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS 4.0)? Get the ICS Face Unlock for any phone version 2.3 or higher! This application uses facial recognition technology to unlock your phone for you and only you using the camera on your device. Supports devices...

  • Locus -The Simple Phone Finder




    Locus - The Simple Phone Finder. Locus makes it simpler than ever to find your lost device. Lose your phone? Simply send a text message to yourself from a friends phone with any of the Locus commands: Help - Sends this list of commands Find - Sends the coordinates and address of this phone, as...

  • Snake Game Unlock Screen




    Play the classic Snake game right on your unlock screen until you lose and your phone is unlocked. This new Fun lock - Screen unlock allows you to play the classic snake game while at the same time having a secret way to unlock your phone without anyone else s knowledge. How it works: 1. During...

  • Time Circuits Clock Widget




    This widget displays a time circuit similar to the one created by Doc Brown similar from the famous movie "Back to the Future". This widget sits on the home screen and displays the current time and date information. Enjoy! Updates: 1.1 Fixed stability issues and bugs affecting 4.0...

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