• Weed Shooter




    Weed shooter, the Marijuana Asteroid Destroyer, for free Please be patient with updates, and be kind with your ratings/comments as this game is still in development. I am releasing it as I go to get your feedback so I may make the game more enjoyable. Things To Come 1.Pause between levels...

  • Dub Horn




    Enjoy Dubstep? Sick of those moments that are seriously lacking Dubstep, well look no further the Dub Horn is here. Dub horn is similar to an air horn, except instead of playing an ostentatiously loud single toot, you can play an array of obnoxious noises. This version includes three dubstep...

  • Angry Asteroid Smasher




    Tap these Angry Asteroids, Smash these Angry Asteroids, just don't let them reach the bottom of the screen, or else! This is a work in progress, I eagerly await your critiques, but ask you to keep the ratings and comments kind, please send any feedback, good or bad, to...

  • Sperm Buddies




    !!! Beta Version !!! Sperm Buddies is currently in beta testing, please be patient with updates and kind with ratings/comments. If you have any questions or comments regarding this game please contact me at, Thanks and Enjoy! In a game of Sperms Buddies you take control...

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