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  • SolarPower FREE

    SolarPower FREE




    SolarPower is a just-for-fun app, you can prank your friends. Simply start the app, put your phone in a well lit place and watch your battery charge using the solar panel. The app uses the brightness sensors of the device, the stronger of the light, the faster it charges! NOTE: It is...

  • QRCode Scanner

    QRCode Scanner




    Turn your phone into a powerful professional QR Code scanner! QRCode’s superfast algorithms read 2D and 3D codes in the easiest manner: simply hold your phone’s camera over the QR code and QRCode automatically decodes the mysterious black bars, without the need of taking a photo. It cannot be...

  • FBI FingerPrint Joke

    FBI FingerPrint Joke




    FBI Fingerprint is a fun-making tool with gorgeous FBI user interface, to make your friends surprised by your powerful android phone! How to play: When the FBI FingerPrint screen pops up, touch your finger to the screen to be "scanned" for your identity, there will be vibration and...

  • LED FlashLight ☀

    LED FlashLight ☀




    Turns your android phone into a handy flashlight (torch) ! The best FlashLight app on Google Play! * Very simple to use, just one click * Hi-tec User Interface, looks really cool * Supports Camera Flash LED and Screen Light * Cool Audio Effects * Lock screen while using the flashlight app *...

  • Timer





    A very simple timer application, perfect for every timing situation (sports, games, work and of course cooking). Just select the time you want, press start, and the countdown begins! The app will cause your phone to vibrate and play your default alarm sound when the alarm finishes. 【Features】...

  • CrystalTimer





    【Description】 CrystalTimer turns your phone into a beautiful LED digital clock! You can set it to the lock screen.CrystalTimer have Vertical and horizontal modes,It Show glow effect, date,day of the week and seconds! 【Features】 1) Large clear LED display 2) Stunning graphical UI & UX 3)...

  • Fingerprint Scanner FREE

    Fingerprint Scanner FREE




    Unlock your android phone with your "fingerprint"! The new v3.0 version supports all kinds of resolution, save more battery and much easier to use! When the FingerPrint screen pops up, touch your finger to the screen to be "scanned" for your identity, there will be vibration...

  • SoundMeter





    Discover the ultimate potential of your Android phone can do for you! Can you believe that you also carry a SOUND METER with you? SoundMeter provides you a simple way to measure the audio peaks (dB) in your environment, showing you the current sound level. You can us it at work, school or even...

  • MetalDetector





    MetalDetector is a free app to help you find magnetic field! You can use it to look for any metal objects. How it works: MetalDetector uses the mobile phone's built-in magnetometer sensor to detect the magnetic field strength! Once up to a certain value, the alarm rings. Iron, steel,...

  • 指纹解锁





    指纹解锁是一款手机解锁类软件,将带给您一种超酷的解锁体验。 软件通过用户指纹式样的扫描来解锁手机,由用户设置的扫描次数来配对扫描是否成功(由于当前手机硬件限制,无法真正识别用户指纹)。...

  • ChangeMouth





    “ChangeMouth” makes you more charming while you are talking with a new mouth. Put your phone in front of your mouth, And make sure the screen towards out,than begin to nag. The mouth's size depends on the voice you make, you speak louder and it's bigger. Which looks like it's your...

  • PoliceLights





    PoliceLights simulates emergency lights and sirens on your phone. When you are in danger, open it, defeat the evil. Siren Sounds Include: Police Sirens Fire Engine Sirens ermergency lights ambulance lights and many more!

  • Star Compass

    Star Compass




    Stunning star sky compass, always showing you the direction, never get lost! EXCLUSIVE FEATURE: By detecting the magnetic field, StarCompass tells you whether or not the current heading is accurate. Main Features: * Very simple to use * heading is very accurate * instructions on calibrate the...

  • New FingerPrint FREE

    New FingerPrint FREE




    New FingerPrint is a prank application to have fun with your friends. Blow away your friends and family with how cool it is. Make them think that the phone actually has fingerprint recognition capabilities. Watch their expression of awe as you are granted access while when they try it, the alarm...

  • SlideUnlock





    SlideUnlock is the simplest locker app to make your phone outstanding! Slide to unlock your phone (just like the iphone!) and customize the home screen with your own wallpapers! * really easy to use * small memory footprint * consume very little battery * customizable UI * It's FREE! Feel...

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