• Bizbot




    Looking for something smart, witty, or downright magnificent to say to your business partners, or meeting members? Download and use BIZBOT right now! Don’t be caught without it! With the shake of your mobile device or the touch of a finger, BIZBOT will pitch a compelling business insight....

  • Complibot




    Looking for some new ways to compliment your special someone? Need a couple of go-to phrases that will make the heart melt? Maybe you just need to spice up your flirtation repertoire? From the gang at Thistlebit Ltd., the makers of Cussbot™, comes Complibot: the compliments generator that...

  • Ring




    The known universe is at stake and you are the only one who can save it! OK, WAIT… No. There is no story line, and there are no characters. No ships, no guns, no bullets, no cards, no farms, and especially no annoying slingshot-launched irate water-foul. That’s right: just you, the clock,...

  • Cussbot




    Just shake your phone and receive a horribly filthy insult! Always coming up with that awesome comeback or insult ten minutes too late? Need some new ones to throw at your big brother or that office *$%#@!?? With the shake of your mobile device or the touch of a finger, Cussbot will serve up...

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