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  • Learn Java




    /--* Note : Please give 5 Star, It will encourage us. Please Don't give negative feedback, It is not solution for your need. If you have any problem, please mail @ Suggestion are welcome. please mail @ *--/ New Features (Version:5): /* End...

  • Learn C++




    Learn C++ is pretty app for C++ Concepts and C++ Programs. It is very easy for Beginners. /----------------------------------------------------------------/ Another App C++ - Mater In C++ - Try this

  • Spring Framework - Java




    Full Offline Tutorial for Spring Java Framework /* Well Formatted and Refresh UI /* Optimized Content for Mobile Reading /* Easy Navigation /* Java Basics and Glossary Spring I. Overview of Spring Framework 1. Getting Started With Spring 2. Introduction to Spring Framework II. What’s New in...

  • Master In C++ (Learn C++)




    Master In C++ is pretty app for all C++ and OOPS Concepts, Optimizing C++,C++ Programs and C++ Annotations. It is very easy for Beginners and Intermediate Programmers. any suggestions/problems mail to New Layout Single App For All: * Fresh UI (New) * Zero:Start For C++...

  • PostgreSQL Documentation




    Full Offline PostgreSQL Documentation /* Well Formatted /* Optimized Content for Mobile Reading /* Easy Navigation /* Internal Scroll for Code Snippet Topics What is PostgreSQL? A Brief History of PostgreSQL Conventions Further Information Bug Reporting Guidelines I. Tutorial 1. Getting...

  • Java Programming Reference




    A Guide For Java Beginners and Quick Reference ( Definitions,Keywords,Tutorials,Getting Started and Reference) -- Full Offline Content -- No Need Internet Connection -- ** Look For Getting Started - Java Basic Programming Concepts ** Step by Step Java Guide - Java Tutorials ** A Simple...

  • Learn C Programming




    Learn C Programming Language - All In One - Offline C Programming Reference Book Everything Inside About C Programming Language,Pointers,Network Functions,Example Programs, Reference Libraries,Unix Network Example Programs. App Features /* --- Rich UI Layout */ /*...

  • Unix & Linux Reference Guide




    Unix and Linux Commands Reference App with Fresh and Compact UI /* Full Offline Content - No Need Internet */ Redesign and More Offline Contents In Version 4.0 Based On User Response and Expectations /** App Features **/ - Redesign Layout - Fresh Layout For Reading Content - Utils and...

  • Learn Hibernate (Offline Docs)




    Full Offline Hibernate Documentation and Guide 1. Hibernate Tutorial 2. Hibernate Architecture 3. Hibernate Configuration 4. Hibernate Persistent Classes 5. Hibernate Basic O/R Mapping 6. Hibernate Types 7. Hibernate Collection mapping 8. Hibernate Association Mappings 9. Hibernate Component...

  • PHP Documentaion (Learn PHP)




    Full Offline Documentaion (with more than PHP 5000 Programs) PHP Guide - PHP Manual - PHP Reference - PHP Tutorial -- Getting Started Copyright PHP Manual Preface Getting Started Introduction A simple tutorial -- Installation and Configuration PHP Installation and Configuration PHP General...

  • Python Documentation




    Full Offline Documentation for Python /* Clean Layout */ Parts of the documentation *-- What's new in Python 2.7? *-- Python Tutorial *-- Python Library Reference *-- Python Language Reference *-- Python Setup and Usage *-- Python HOWTOs *-- Extending and Embedding *-- Python/C API *--...

  • Perl Documentation(Learn Perl)




    Full Offline Perl Documentation Learn Perl is full offline manual of Perl.It Includes Perl Tutorials, Perl Manual, Perl Reference and All. ** Manual -- Overview -- Tutorials -- FAQs -- History / Changes -- License ** Reference -- Language -- Functions -- Operators -- Special Variables --...

  • Tech News




    Simple and Rich User Interface.Tech News,More 70 than Tech News Channels. Don't Switch Apps for Reading Tech or IT News. Read all Technology Newspapers, Tech News websites and Tech Magazines Websites. All Tech/IT/Technology News Channels are divided several category like Hot Tech...

  • News & Newspapers USA




    News & Browze USA ------------------------------- All US News Websites and US Newspapers In One App. Read all USA Newspapers, USA News websites and USA Magazines. All USA News Channels are divided several category like Business, Technology, General, Sports ,Shopping , Calculator and etc....

  • News & Newspapers India




    Don't Switch Apps for Reading News. Read all Major Newspapers, News websites and Magazines. All News Channels are divided into several categories like Business, Technology, General, Sports and etc. You can read news from Indian Majors News papers like Times of India, The Hindu, Hindustan...

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