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Need to convert between a week number and a date? With this app you can. Want some information about a date, find out if a year is a leap year, calculate the number of days, working days (business days), weeks, weekends, months and years between two dates and add or subtract days, weeks or months to a given date? With TKWeek, it‘s no hassle. Even a…

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C64 Tribute Watch Face

This is a watch face for Android Wear devices. It shows the famous C64 screen colors and displays the time with a traditional C64-like font. The watch face shows a 12 or 24 hour clock based on the settings of your device. Following design guidelines, in ambient mode the watch face is painted in black and white. On the settings pane you can choose t…

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Min Time

Min Time is a countdown app. It's main goal is to help you structure your talks and presentations. It divides the talk time into three phases: green, yellow and red. With a glimpse you get an idea how much time is left. For example, a 70 minutes talk could be divided into 50, 15 and 5 minute segments. Once started, Min Time counts down from 70…

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Tommis Mini Mirror

Tommis Mini Mirror is a tiny app, that mirrors or flips a picture horizontally or vertically. It is plain and simple. Just pick the file you wish to mirror, then choose the name of the new file, and finally decide if you want to apply the mirror horizontally or vertically. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

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