Thomas Taschauer

  • inspectroid (beta)




    Stop HTTP sniffing at public places! Caution: this app is not meant for the average user. This sets up a local proxy on your phone, which blocks all HTTP traffic *before* it leaves your device. This effectively makes HTTP sniffing impossible.

  • OpenDocument Reader




    View and modify OpenDocuments on the go using OpenDocument Reader! OpenDocument Reader allows you to read your ODF (OpenDocument Format) documents wherever you are. In the bus on your way to school? No problem! With OpenDocument Reader you can read and search through your documents in a very...

  • Announcify




    Announcify (formerly known as SayMyName) reads out loud the caller's name. What? You hate pulling your out of your pocket everytime someone contacts you? Or, even worse, you hate interrupting what you're doing at the moment, expecting a horrible important message from your girlfriend,...

  • Donate Announcify / OpenOffice




    This is the Donation version of Announcify and OpenOffice Document Reader. **It doesn't do anything other than buying me a virtual cookie.** Please leave the other apps installed. By purchasing this app, you support the development of apps like Announcify and OpenDocument Reader, which are...

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