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Super GeoGPS

This is the best tool for those working in surveying, mapping, construction, transportation, planning... It supports high precision GPS and Glonass navigation in fieldwork surveys. This tool is designed for Civil Engineer, Surveyor, Civil Surveyor, Land Surveying and Topografia The typical functions of Super GeoGPS: ★ Super GeoGPS: Available m…

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Download UTM Area Measure UTM Area Measure icon
UTM Area Measure

WHATS COOL in this APP: It's doing what you actually need ! You need easy, intuitive, few step APP to manage your area, distance, perimeter ? You got UTM Area Measure Export to other graphic software like Autocad, Microsation, and GIS. UNIQUE FEATURES: - Fast area/distance marking - Smart Marker Mode for super accurate pin placement !!! - Un…

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Download GPS Map Camera - Geo Camera GPS Map Camera - Geo Camera icon
GPS Map Camera - Geo Camera

Taking photograph a waypoint/object then add UTM coordinates or geographical location. (Support collecting data for Civil Surveyor, LAND SURVEYOR, Civil Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Transportation/Traffic Engineer, GIS Engineer) The typical functions of UTM Camera: ★ UTM Map Camera - Geo Camera: View your photos and their geo positions on a wo…

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Download Accurate Altimeter Free Accurate Altimeter Free icon
Accurate Altimeter Free

This altimeter works online or offline. It estimates your elevation with three different methods: - Using GPS satellites triangulation. No internet connection required, quite accurate with clean sky but works only outdoors and it's slow. - Using the ground elevation at your current position. Accurate but require internet connection and works on…

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Download GPS status & Surveying tools GPS status & Surveying tools icon
GPS status & Surveying tools

Displays GPS and sensor data: position and signal strength of satellites, accuracy, speed, acceleration, altitude, bearing. Tools included: Available many common reference systems, allows to set up more other reference systems. ★ GPS status & surveying tools - Fast config - Add all of WGS84 central meridian. ★GPS status & surveying tools…

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Download MAP note - GIS data collection MAP note - GIS data collection icon
MAP note - GIS data collection

A simple notepad that can save location information, export to csv, kml, dxf file. Share a note or file via Email, Google Driver, Skype,... Saved location is displayed on a map. Details screen will display, saved time, GPS error, spatial reference system, latitude, longitude, azimuth, altitude. Location can be overwritten many times. Edit, delet…

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Download Distance between devices Distance between devices icon
Distance between devices

This application is useful for calculating distances between GPS points devices. How to use: 1. For calculate distance with GPS you have to turn on GPS device, turn on 3G/4G or mobile network. 2. The first of all must wait for the GPS signal, it is also necessary to constantly monitor 3. To start the calculation need to press the "start"…

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Download Map Viewer Map Viewer icon
Map Viewer

Take your maps anywhere you go with Map Viewer! Supported MBtiles, KML, KMZ - Load your .mbtiles, KML, KMZ files via SDcard or access them through the cloud for easy navigation wherever you go. - Enabled UTFGrid interactivity for offline MBTiles. - Composite multiple map layers together with overlay vs base layer option. - Draw line, Trail on th…

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Download Mecca City Guides Mecca City Guides icon
Mecca City Guides

This is rank from Tripadvisor community - Top 3 Restaurants in Mecca - Top 51 Hotels in Mecca - Top 5 Attractions in Mecca - Top 5 Activities in Mecca - Top 5 Nightlife in Mecca - Top 5 Shopping in Macau Going to Mecca, Saudi Arabia? Get this Mecca City Guides, a personal advisor in your pocket which helps you plan and have the perfect trip. Wit…

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Download Guilin (桂林) City Guides Guilin (桂林) City Guides icon
Guilin (桂林) City Guides

This is rank from Tripadvisor community - Top 100 Restaurants in Guilin - Top 99 Hotels in Guilin - Top 100 Attractions in Guilin - Top 13 Activities in Guilin - Top 3 Nightlife in Guilin - Top 4 Shopping in Guilin Going to Guilin (桂林; Guìlín), China? Get this Guilin City Guides, a personal advisor in your pocket which helps you plan and ha…

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