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It is a whack-a-mole on the train. I will continue to back up from RideOnTrain previous version. This time I have a bullet train and a car on the main favorite of children. Mode and some seared Mole, is to appreciate the bullet train mode. Link is displayed if you press the MENU button mode switching. [Seared Mole Mode] Train or car will appear…

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This is whack-a-mole game by japanese train. When you start the game, Trains appears from either side of the screen.If you tap it, you will get the point. With the game progresses, a growing number of that appear train, speed will become faster. Please play this game during the Movement at work, or if you want to skinship with children. registered…

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This game is made ​​for children. When you start the game, the balloon will appear from the bottom of the screen one after another. By tapping on balloon, you get gold and score. Since the multi-tap, play together with parents, or you can be played with two fingers. ClearScore has been set for each round. If you do not reach the ClearScore until a…

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This is a game break the bubble by tapping. I made ​​for infants and children, so the difficulty is low. This game helps a Mama to child rearing. [Operation] Bubbles from the bottom left of the screen appear one after another. Please break it by tapping. At that time, the item is falling down from the bubble. Move the palms at the bottom of the sc…

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It is a tower defense game that carefully protect from the monsters (jewelNOVA) jewel in the middle of the field. You can also set up to intercept a monster defense units to grow citadel turret and tower lightning strike, kill monsters yourself directly manipulating the natural disaster lightning, atmospheric pressure decreases, meteorites, such as…

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The fire first-person game. Move the barrel by tilting the handset, you can fire by tapping the screen. Game modes are Story Mode and Survival mode. - Story Mode This mode provides a more than 10 stages. The next stage will appear to clear the stage. To clear a stage, you can retrieve items meet certain conditions. - Survival Mode In this mod…

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