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Track Navigator

Standard navigation apps are designed to find the most direct route from point A to point B. Track Navigator is a different kind of navigation app that is designed to help you follow a pre-determined route (track) created for another purpose, such as exercise or sight-seeing. Common types of tracks include hiking trails, cycling tours, or motorcy…

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MP3 Mover for Amazon Music

Older versions of the Amazon Music app do not allow you to specify a location for downloaded MP3 files. This can cause a problem on devices with limited storage capacity. Amazon MP3 Mover fixes this problem! Setup is easy: 1. Specify a destination folder, such as an external SD card 2. Amazon MP3 Mover automatically moves MP3 files to this fold…

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Setting Wizard Lite

Who needs smart actions when you have a setting wizard? Setting Wizard gives you complete control over common Android settings by allowing you to create profiles that automatically change your settings when certain conditions are met. Here are just a few examples of what Setting Wizard can do: * Keep your phone on vibrate unless it is plugged in…

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