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  • Teen Patti

    Teen Patti




    Teen Patti is a simulated Indian card game known as Indian Poker. Each player's hand consists of three cards. The game has a playing card deck ( 52 cards ) and minimum 2 players are required to start the game. It is a multi player network game. The game can be played in offline and online...

  • Multi BetLine Slot Machine

    Multi BetLine Slot Machine




    Multi BetLine Slot Machine is a simulated casino slot machine game, which is different than normal slots. In this game, you can place a bet on multiple bet lines and use online features to send instant messages to other players and discuss gaming tips. To place a bet, press Single line or All...

  • Solitaire





    Solitaire is a card game, the game has single deck of 52 cards and initially the cards are arranged in 7 stack on table from left to right 1 card, 2 cards so on and rest cards are kept on deck. The players goal is to move all the cards at home stack, each home stack having cards of same suite in...

  • Video Poker

    Video Poker




    Video Poker is a simulated casino poker game. A player's goal is to obtain a poker hand from 5 randomly displayed cards. This game requires two deals to be considered a WIN. Credits are given on a WIN as per pay table. A player can hold the favorable cards of the first deal to make the...

  • Cubix Game

    Cubix Game




    Cubix is block breaking fun game. Game has multi difficulty levels and each level has a target score, to move to next level player needs to obtain the target score, build strategy to maximize score. * Multiple game levels * Score backup and restore feature * Score leader board * Multiple themes...

  • Housie Super

    Housie Super




    Housie Super is simulated multi player network game, it has multi levels, multi themes, achievements, collectible and power play. The game is also known as 90 ball BINGO and Tambola The game support inApp purchases for buying Gems, other game items like coins keys and Bingo Tickets can be...

  • Bingo Super

    Bingo Super




    Bingo Super is simulated multi player network game, it has multi levels, muti themes, achievement, collectible, treasure chest and power play. The game support inApp purchases for buying Gems, other game items like coins keys and Bingo Tickets can be purchased using Gems, coins. Game gives...

  • Dominoes Game

    Dominoes Game




    Dominoes is a number game, Minimum two players are required to start with game, in this version mobile plays against you. Game chain end dots sum is divided by 4 if remainder is 0, score ( chain end dots ) is credited. Game winner is declared on 200 points; who obtains first wins the game. If...

  • Five Reel Slot Machine

    Five Reel Slot Machine




    Five Reel Slot Machine is a simulated casino popular SLOT game, This version has five reels and 15 bet lines, you can bet up to 5 credits on each line; up to 75 credits can be bet in a spin. It has special symbols like scatter ( gives free spins ), wild ( substitutes any symbol except scatter and...

  • Cherry Slot Machine

    Cherry Slot Machine




    Cherry Slot is simulated slot machine casino game. The game has exciting graphics, realistic wheel spins and sound effects, the slot machine has following features. Come chase the cherry in a new fun slot game. Features - * Realistic wheel spin with exciting graphics and physics * Hold reel to...






    9 Wheel Slot Machine is a simulated casino popular slot machine game, the game has 9 reals. 1) Game has 8 betlines which gives more chances to win and makes game more interesting. you can bet 24 coins, 3 coins on each line. 2) The game has challenges leader board feature, play games of 50, 100...

  • Roulette Time

    Roulette Time




    Roulette Time is a simulated casino popular roulette game, the game is played by betting followed by the wheel spin; winner is decided based on the ball position on wheel after spinning. game has score leader board, exciting graphics and sound effects. for any query email us at...

  • SMS Text

    SMS Text




    SMS Text is a collection of SMS messages, jokes, quotes which can be send through sms, share in social sites like facebook, twitter, Google+ and skype etc. The messages are organized in categories, the major categories are below - Birthday SMS Anniversary SMS Jokes Quotes Motivation quotes...

  • Tic Tac Toe game

    Tic Tac Toe game




    Tic Tac Toe is a puzzle game, player's goal is to mark the three cells in horizontal or vertical or diagonal to win the game.

  • Brain Puzzle

    Brain Puzzle




    Brain Puzzle is a memorizing game, it improves player's memorizing power. The game has scoring feature, exciting graphics and sound effects.

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