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Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shoot is a fun bubble breaking multi level game, each level has target score to move to next level. Start game by tapping new game in menu screen and then tap on game screen to point the shoot gun and then release tap to shoot ball. The gun can be moved horizontally to change the position of the bubble. Level fail if player is unable to achi…

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Cube Burst

Cube Burst is block breaking fun game. Game has multiple levels and each level has a target score, to move to next level player needs to obtain the target score, build strategy to maximize your score, try to break as many shapes as possible in a single tap. * Multiple game levels * Score leader board * Score backup and restore feature * Colored cu…

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Download Craps Slot Machine Craps Slot Machine icon
Craps Slot Machine

Craps Slot is a multi spin slot machine, the number of spins are decided on the outcome of first spin; if in first spin sum on dice face is 7 or 11 you WIN; if sum is 2, 3 or 12 mobile wins, if sum is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 that becomes your target. To WIN keep spinning until the dice sum is equal to your target score. If dice sum is 7 before you hit…

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Download Bowling 3D Free Bowling 3D Free icon
Bowling 3D Free

Bowling 3D is a fun game with 3D physics, animations and exciting sound effects. The game can be played in single and multi player mode. Features: - 3D graphics and physics - Exciting sound effects - Score leaderboard, share score with g+ friends - Unlock achievements - Multiple balls of different weight - Multiple game mode. For any query write…

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Download Tic Tac Toe game Tic Tac Toe game icon
Tic Tac Toe game

Tic Tac Toe is a puzzle game, player's goal is to mark the three cells in horizontal or vertical or diagonal to win the game.

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Download Secret Code Secret Code icon
Secret Code

Secret Code is a code breaking game, It generates a code and players goal is to guess it, select a number using moving number wheels and then press OK button to apply. Player's goal is to break the code in minimum time. for more information see game help. for any query, feature request write us at support@tiddagames.com

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Download Match Two Match Two icon
Match Two

Match Two is memorizing game, player's goal is to flip the block, memorize the displayed shape and try to match the two symbols, finish the game in minimum number of block flips and minimum time. If two flipped blocks have same shape, it disappears. It improves the memorizing power of the player. for query, feedback write us at support@tiddaga…

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Download Word Scrambler Word Scrambler icon
Word Scrambler

Word Scrambler is a word game. The player's goal is to match as many words as shown in dotted letters in given time limit ( 1 minute for a game); The word can be formed by taping character as displayed on the oval buttons, after selecting the letters player can check whether it is matched or not by taping on the Check button. If selected wo…

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Download App Launcher with Optimization App Launcher with Optimization icon
App Launcher with Optimization

Your phone runs slow, sluggish ? do not worry try this app to clean app cache, stop background tasks, clear RAM to boost battery life and device performance. You have too many apps installed and it is difficult to find and launch the app you want ? Try this app to organize apps, bookmark them in category wise to locate easily and launch them. How…

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Download Social Slot Machine Social Slot Machine icon
Social Slot Machine

Social Slot Machine is a multi player online slot machine game, You can play with your friends on this machine, compare score, send instant messages, view other player's credits wins and spin rounds. The game has 10, 20, 50 and 75 spin games. The player who obtains higher score wins the game and winner is paid X2, X3, X4 and X5 times of the win…

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Teen Patti Video Poker is a simulated Indian card game, player's goal is to obtain a poker hand by selecting the cards horizontal, vertical or diagonal. On win the credits are given as per the game's pay table. === FEATURES === 1) Exciting sound and graphics effect 2) Progressive Jackpot 3) Score leaderboard 4) My Rank - Track rank globall…

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