Tidda Games

  • Dominoes Game

    Dominoes Game




    Dominoes is a number game, minimum two players are required to start game, in this version mobile plays against you. Game Rules: Game chain end dots sum is divided by 4 if remainder is 0, score ( sum of chain end dots ) is credited. Whoever obtains 200 points first wins the game. If both player...

  • Bubble Shooter

    Bubble Shooter




    Bubble Shoot is a fun bubble breaking multi level game, each level has target score to move to next level. Start game by tapping new game in menu screen and then tap on game screen to point the shoot gun and then release tap to shoot ball. The gun can be moved horizontally to change the position...

  • Slot Machine - Multi BetLine

    Slot Machine - Multi BetLine




    Slot Machine Multi Betline is a simulated casino popular slot machine game, 5 credits can be bet on a line and up to 40 credits in a wheel spin. On win, the credits of all lines are accumulated and declared as winner paid. * FEATURES - Multiple betlines makes game interesting and chances to...

  • Slot Machine Seven

    Slot Machine Seven




    Slot Machine Seven is the finest casino popular slot machine game, which can be played up to 5 pay lines simultaneously, with 5 coins on each line and up to 25 coins can be played in a reel spin. On win all lines win credits are accumulated and shown as winner paid. == Features == * Multi...

  • Word Scrambler

    Word Scrambler




    Word Scrambler is a word game. The player's goal is to match as many words as shown in dotted letters in given time limit ( 1 minute for a game); The word can be formed by taping character as displayed on the oval buttons, after selecting the letters player can check whether it is matched...

  • Hangman game upto 3 levels

    Hangman game upto 3 levels




    Hangman is a word game. * Game has 3 difficulty levels. * Game has score leader board, submit score and show your achievement to other players globally. * The game has score backup and restore feature so when you re-install the game or change the handset you can restore and start with previous...

  • Tic Tac Toe game

    Tic Tac Toe game




    Tic Tac Toe is a puzzle game, player's goal is to mark the three cells in horizontal or vertical or diagonal to win the game.

  • Match Two

    Match Two




    Match Two is memorizing game, player's goal is to flip the block, memorize the displayed shape and try to match the two symbols, finish the game in minimum number of block flips and minimum time. If two flipped blocks have same shape, it disappears. It improves the memorizing power of the...

  • 4096 Puzzle

    4096 Puzzle




    4096 is a puzzle game, it has tiles with numbers starting from 2 to multiple of 2, players goal is to obtain a 4096 number tile by merging lower number tiles. To merge tiles swipe left, right, top, bottom, when two tiles of same number are slide they become a new number ( 2 X previous number )....

  • Bubble Shift

    Bubble Shift




    Bubble Shift is a fun Match 3 type of multi level puzzle game, each level has a new experience, filled challenges, excitement, strategy. Each level has target to achieve to move to next level. As you move to higher levels multiple targets are unlocked to thrill the game. Spark the bubble...

  • 2048 Lite

    2048 Lite


    Do you love numbers?
Are you good at maths?
If the answers are both NO, you can still handle this game. 
Why don't you try it?
You may become a math genius! Introduction:
 2048! The hottest mobile game this year!
The rule is easy-
Slide tiles (UDLR). 
Every time you move, all the tiles will...

  • Brain Puzzle

    Brain Puzzle




    Brain Puzzle is a memorizing game, it improves player's memorizing power. The game has scoring feature, exciting graphics and sound effects.

  • Poker Slot Machine

    Poker Slot Machine




    Poker slot is a simulated casino poker game in slot form, it has 5 wheels; each wheel represents a card of poker hand and game requires two spins to determine WIN, before second spin player has choice to hold cards. The game has score leaderboard, score backup and restore so carry your score...

  • Cherry Slot Machine

    Cherry Slot Machine




    Cherry Slot is simulated casino slot machine game. The game has exciting graphics, realistic wheel spins and sound effects, it has following features. Features - * Realistic wheel spin with exciting graphics * Hold reel to match symbol in next spin * Nudge wheel to match symbol * Free spins...

  • Video Poker

    Video Poker




    Video Poker is a simulated casino poker game. A player's goal is to obtain a poker hand from 5 randomly displayed cards. This game requires two deals to be considered a WIN. Credits are given on a WIN as per pay table. A player can hold the favorable cards of the first deal to make the...

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