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  • Tip Jar




    Calling all waiters and waitresses! Tired of stuffing money in your pockets and re-counting it after work? Ever wonder what your average tip was for the whole year?? No need for a calculator, we'll do it for you! With Tip Jar, you can enter tips, sales, tipouts and hours worked to keep a...

  • YogBytes Player




    Finally a proper Yogscast soundboard! Now featuring over 1,100 sound clips! Visit us online at http://yogbytes.com (now available on mobile devices) Follow @snailer88 for updates! This soundboard includes: • A "Favorites" system so you can find your favorite sounds in one menu! • Save...

  • NoDir




    Tired of opening your file browser and discovering empty folders all over the place? Sick of the ostentatiously-named useless app files littering your SD card? I am! Junk files on your sd card can slow down the operation of your system and other apps by making them scan an unnecessary amount of...

  • Scour




    *Instantly* find any file on your SD card from any screen! Show your friends that hilarious meme, or play your favorite song just by long-pressing the Search button! Scour is a sophisticated file-searching app that scans your SD card and builds a persistent database of your files. What this...

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