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Women Fat Burning Workouts

Here is a series of fat burning exercises which aim to lose weight and...

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Kitty's Cafe

This is an very interesting restaurant game which simulates the actual...

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Anime Avatar Studio

This application lets you easily create a brand new cartoon or anime c...

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Download 减肥食谱 减肥食谱 icon


对自己的身形、体重不满意,想要减肥? 到美容院治标不治本,又得花不少钱,倒不如改善自己的饮食习惯。一来节省金钱,二来吃得健康,持之以恒便可以...

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Find your Family

Wanna know where your child is? Wanna know where your grandparents ar...

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Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate Monitor measures your heart rate by analyzing blood...

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Download Blood Pressure Logger Blood Pressure Logger icon

Blood Pressure Logger

Blood Pressure logger is a user friendly tool for collecting and analy...

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Download Anime Sticker Studio Anime Sticker Studio icon

Anime Sticker Studio

Freely create cutie cartoon girl images of variety of styles. With a c...

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Download 减肥汤谱 减肥汤谱 icon


对自己的身形、体重不满意,想要减肥? 到美容院治标不治本,又得花不少钱,倒不如改善自己的饮食习惯。一来节省金钱,二来吃得健康,持之以恒便可以...

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My Icon

Design your own icon and avatar with unlimited freedom. No matter it i...

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