• Find your Family




    Wanna know where your child is? Wanna know where your grandparents are? Wanna locate your lost smart phone ? This is the right app that you are looking for. This app helps to track where your children have gone after school, like in the park or shopping plaza or on the way home. In case your...

  • 减肥食谱





  • 减肥汤谱





  • World Cup Result




    This App shows you the latest results and and upcoming fixtures of World Cup 2014. It shows you a clear picture of the results from the way from Group A,..H to Championship.

  • Instant Heart Rate




    Instant Heart Rate Monitor measures your heart rate by analyzing blood flow on the tip of your finger. lightly place the tip of your finger on the camera lens so it completely covers the lens. Hold your phone steadily and press Start Button to begin measurement. If your phone does not have...

  • Women Fat Burning Workouts




    Here is a series of fat burning exercises which aim to lose weight and keep fit. It's impossible to estimate the number of people out there who are desperately searching for a way to blast the fat they've gained and create a trimmer shape, complete with abs that are ripped and sexy. We...

  • Kitty's Cafe




    This is an very interesting restaurant game which simulates the actual environment of a restaurant. Customers come in when there are vacant seats and place order for different kinds of food and beverages. You must react quickly to meet different orders from customers. As you are the master chef...

  • Blood Pressure Logger




    Blood Pressure logger is a user friendly tool for collecting and analyzing blood pressure and pulse data. You can track, edit, comment on, analyze and show the recorded data in graphs. This is a good tools for both healthy and those who suffers from hypertension to monitor their blood pressure....

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