Timo Polvinen

  • GoldenEye




    Application features: -Accident data (in Finland) -Weather information -Driving log -Personal placemarks -Moose warning tracks Map tiles are provided by the OpenStreetMap, MapBox and Microsoft Bing -services. Permissions: FULL INTERNET ACCESS Map tiles, outside temperature, ads, Google...

  • TrailCam




    TrailCam is a motion detection Android application that can be used for taking pictures on a wildlife animals. Pictures are stored on SD card and can be sent by email. TrailCam can be controlled remotely by SMS messages. Known bugs: -Preview window not working after phone set to...

  • Road of Raate 1940




    Road of Raate is located at Suomussalmi, Finland. At the beginning of 1940, there was a battle between Finland and Red Army. The battle at Road of Raate is known as one of the legendary battles at Winter War in Finland. Lead your team and destroy all Red Army tanks in the Haukila area using...

  • FinnWallpapers




    Few freeware wallpaper images from Finland for your Android phone.

  • Stalag Luft III 1942-1945




    Stalag Luft III was a prison camp for Allied air crews during the World War 2. As a leader of a Special Operations team, your mission is to find the key and open the camp gate to release the prisoners. A web site: http://www.kaurismaa.com/games/stalag/ 17thMay2014 Some UI polishing Update:...

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