Tinman Learning

  • Arithmemouse Add & Subtract




    Just tilt your device left and right and forward and back to select answer boxes (avoiding the red fences) as you glide along the question course! The Arithmemouse Addition Subtraction Game is a great children's math app that provides challenging game play for a wide variety of ages. Almost...

  • 5.0

    Topple Drop Free for Tablets




    Destroy the enemy and prevent the green blocks from falling

  • Topple Drop




    Use your noggin' in this fun physics game for all ages. Delete blue objects and temporary platforms to make red cubes fall. Don't let the green cubes fall. Sound easy? It is at first, but it gets harder. Can you solve all 90 levels?

  • Times Tables Warp




    Hop on your cyberboard and learn your times facts in Times Tables Warp. Times Tables Warp is an exciting interactive 3D multiplication game that facilitates learning and teaching multiplication facts 0-12. The learning of times tables facts is a critical step in moving on to more advanced math...

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