• Mommy's Cookbook - Odd One Out


    Mommy is cooking a tasty meal again, and she needs your help with her recipes! Look at all the different ingredients and help her find the odd one out. Your kids will practice recognizing kitchen ingredients and visual perception! 'Mommy's Cookbook Odd One Out' was created with...

  • Wheels on the Bus Singalong




    This fun singalong game, created by TinyTap user Britney Bush, is her version to 'Wheels on the Bus!'. Get to know the different parts of the bus, the driver and the kids riding it to school! Tap the right part and sing along to 'Wheels on the Bus!' Suitable for ages 2+...

  • Art Masterpieces Trivia


    Take this art masterpieces quiz, to find out how well you know classic art! The countdown starts now, and you need to spot the art piece matching the name. Can you beat the time and set a high score? Take the Art Masterpieces challenge! 'Art Masterpieces Trivia' was created with...

  • Fashion Girls Dress Up Game




    Ever wondered what it's like to be a stylist? With 'Fashion Dress-up' you can try for yourself! Pick out your model, dress her up and put her in your favorite scene - whether at the beach, at a party, at the mall or even in the office! Choose from a variety of hairstyles, dresses,...

  • Farm Animals Math


    Find the missing partners of 4 and 5 in this fun farm animals math exercise! Each page of this fun educational math game introduces a different math drill, with the numbers 4 and 5. Solve the drills and practice addition and subtraction, with beautiful farm animal graphics. 'Farm Animals...

  • Fun Sound Effects Soundboard




    Have fun with this cool sound FX board! Haven't you always wanted to play with familiar sound effects? This fun sound effects board has famous sounds, like: Mortal Combat, cash register, horror movie, and many more! 'Fun Sound Effects' was created with TinyTap's game maker...

  • Sight Words


    Group 1: Sight Words; unscramble; listen to; identify Listen to groups of popular sight words. Tap to hear each word, then unscramble the letters to spell the words. 'Sight Words' was created by Jane Antholz using TinyTap's creation platform, and is one of many speech-language...

  • Make a Birthday Cake With Eddy




    Let's learn to make a beautiful birthday cake together! Each page of the game introduces another part of this beautiful chocolate layer cake! Can you recognize the different parts of this yummy cake? Let's play! 'Make a Birthday Cake with Eddy!' was created with TinyTap's...

  • Build a Helicopter with Eddy!




    Let's get to know the different parts of a helicopter, and build one together! Can you recognize the propeller, the tail and all other parts of the helicopter? Let's find out together! 'Build a Helicopter with Eddy!' was created with TinyTap's game maker platform. TinyTap...

  • Apraxia - Early Intervention 1


    This app is designed to be used as part of a speech and language therapy program to address childhood apraxia. Simple two-syllable words are to be addressed after a child has mastered single syllable words and VCV words. The child will be introduced to two-syllable words and their pronunciation,...

  • Build a Train with Eddy!




    Let's get to know all different parts of the train and build one together! Each page introduces another part of this colorful train! Can you recognize it and find out where it goes? Let's build a train! 'Build a Train with Eddy!' was created with TinyTap's game maker...

  • Math in Space: Counting




    Practice counting and help us reach the moon, Space Cadet! This fun math and numbers activity is a great way to practice counting and putting numbers in the right order. 'Math in Space: Counting' was created with TinyTap's game maker platform. TinyTap - Make and Play Fun...

  • String Instruments Family




    Meet the string family! This fun audio-visual activity is the perfect introduction to the string family instruments. Learn all about the violin, viola, bass and harp with all their different parts and accessories. The activity features different audio and puzzle questions which help in...

  • Percussion Instruments Family




    Learn all about the percussion instruments family. Ever wondered how you play the tambourine or the guiro? Know what traditional maracas sound like? Play this fun activity and find out! This interactive lesson takes you through the different types of percussion instruments, like snare drums,...

  • Cars Puzzles Game for Kids




    Learn different car sounds while playing this fun cars and trucks puzzle game! This puzzle activity takes your child through different vehicles. Each page offers quality graphics and images of different vehicles. Each piece of the puzzle makes different car sound effects. Colorful activity...

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