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Download Artillery Duel Artillery Duel icon
Artillery Duel

A One-on-One Artillery fight. Play against your friend on the same device or against the CPU. Easy to learn but fun to master. Prepare for the strike against you enemy. Select for your artillery angle, power, and then fire the shot. But take care of the wind! Product features: - Artillery Duel against the CPU - Play on same device with your friend…

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Download Wipeout Firework Wipeout Firework icon
Wipeout Firework

Spark the rockets before they burn up and enjoy the fireworks! Freestyle mode. Fire rockets as you like and create a little firework. Or use random mode, lean back and enjoy. Play gamemode Time and get as many points as possible in 90 seconds. Wipe with your finger over three or more rockets for combo bonus. Gamemode Ufo. Defend earth agains the…

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Download Flying Taxi Flying Taxi icon
Flying Taxi

Become a Flying Taxi pilot! Fly through the city and pick up passengers or deliver cargo. Do your job and become the best taxi pilot around the world. Online leaderboard with daily, weekly and all time highscores. Be fast with your cab. Your passengers do not have time to wait for you if they call a taxi. Collect pickups to refuel your cab or for e…

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Download Solar System Lander Solar System Lander icon
Solar System Lander

This is the lite version of Solar System Lander. Welcome Pilot! Fly and land your ship as safe as possible, before your fuel is empty. But you are not always welcome. Watch out for the shockwaves of mines and turrets, which will prevent you from doing a perfect landing. Explore space anomalies and land on asteroids for bonus points. Make wise use…

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Download Doodle Wipeout Doodle Wipeout icon
Doodle Wipeout

An easy but addictive game. Wipe out all red tiles, avoid blue ones. Collect good powerups, be carefull with bad ones. They are coming faster. Beat the highscore!

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Download Bubble Defense Bubble Defense icon
Bubble Defense

Get ready for the bubble-shooting adventure of your life! Bubble Defense is fast-paced, bubble-blasting excitement! Survive as long as you can and compete with friends on a global high score! Your points are stored in a daily, weekly, and a top highscore. Do you think you can get at the top of the leaderboard? Let the bubbles burst and play this…

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Download Snakey the Hungry Grub Snakey the Hungry Grub icon
Snakey the Hungry Grub

In this snake style game, you will have to steer your cute grub through the labyrinths of different levels, avoiding enemies. Eat fruits to grow, but be carefull with all the things laying around. Magnets, bombs or bones can make the grub, somehow, delicate to steer. Spiders are awaiting you, and the bees are not your friends too. They all make…

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Download Memo Match Animated Cartoons Memo Match Animated Cartoons icon
Memo Match Animated Cartoons

You like memory and pairs games? Tired of static pictures? Play with animated images! Tired of static cards? Play with moving cards! Three different kinds of funny and cute animated images Kitty Cat the pet, Al the alien, and Emoto the emoticon. All animated and in action! For kids and grown-ups too. Four different gamemodes: Standard: As you kno…

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Download Gravity Pairs Lite Gravity Pairs Lite icon
Gravity Pairs Lite

If you like pairs, match up or memory-games, you will love this one. Falling cards coming in waves, or cards sliding over chutes. Find the matching pairs before they touch the ground! Easy enough for kids, but challenging enough for grown-ups. Up to four players on the same device. Special mode for one player. Collect the pairs with as less mistak…

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Download Where is it?? Where is it?? icon
Where is it??

Can you keep your eye on the smiley with the sunglasses and find it in the muddle? Even with twirling background and flashing colors? A speedy game for people with good eye and attention. It's like a shell game or cup game, but offers a lot more. The smileys are jumbled and you have to find it when the game stops. Keep your eye on them and fin…

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