• Flashlight LED

    Flashlight LED


    Bright led flashlight for devices with LED flash. Supports devices from Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, KitKat and up. Features .full led flash with no ads on the control screen. It's a great flashlight that should work on just about any phone with led flash. The flashlight is easy to use...

  • OBD Trouble Code Lookup Lite

    OBD Trouble Code Lookup Lite




    Now featuring over 14,000 OBD1 and OBDII ECU fault codes in the full-version!!! The perfect addition to OBD and OBD2 diagnostic tools that don't give you information on the DTC. Now you can find out exactly why your check engine light is on in your car. This is the lite version. of OBD 2...

  • 15 Color Flashlight

    15 Color Flashlight




    Turns your phone screen into a colored flashlight With 15 different colors at maximum screen brightness! You'll be surprised by how bright it is! No pointless nonsense like strobe, help, police flash, morse code, etc, just a bright light to guide your way! TAP SCREEN TO ENABLE FULL...






    Do you truly understand what evolution is? Evolution may not mean what you think it does. Evolution Facts will set the record straight! I enjoy reading the comments on this app. They are split just about 50/50, with the more reasonable anti-creationists winning. Evolution vs Creationism -...

  • OBD 2 Trouble Code Lookup

    OBD 2 Trouble Code Lookup




    See what's going on with your car's ECU fault codes. Now Featuring 14,000 OBD1 and OBD2 Diagnostic Trouble Codes for your car. OBD Trouble Code Lookup is a helpful app for car enthusiast. The perfect addition to OBD scanners that don't give you information on OBD fault codes. Is...

  • Kids Learn to Spell Animals

    Kids Learn to Spell Animals




    An educational app for young kids, teaching them how to spell animals. Featuring the voice talents of Daniel(10), Connie, Darrel(15), and Christian(10). Kids are shown successive images of 34 different animals,and when they touch the screen, they're told the name of the animal along with...

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