• マクド注文ヘルパー



    マクド注文ヘルパーは、視覚障害や聴覚障害を持たれる方が、マクドで注文するとき便利なのではないかと考案された、実験アプリです。 ソースコードはこちらです。

  • SmartBraille





    * Talkback with Explore by touch mode is supported! The operation is a little differenet from Talkback is disabled. First, touch the panel and wait a moment until short vibration. Then operate filick and so on. We are sorry no longer we can not support long press as showing big dialog. * About...

  • SmartBrailleIME





    This is a SmartBraille IME version. Please try application version first. Please setup your keyboard settings to use SmartBrailleIME at System settings -> Language&input -> Default Enjoy Braille! Sounds by ma-o-damasy. ------------------------------------------------------...

  • UniChatX Home

    UniChatX Home


    ただいまテスト中です。関係者以外はインストールされないことをおすすめします。 * Licence This software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0";

  • UniChatX App

    UniChatX App


    * Talkbackのタッチガイドがオンのときでも入力できるようになりました その場合はまず最初に画面に触れて、端末が短い振動をするまでお待ちください。 それからフリックなどの操作を行ってください。 盲ろう者が使えるようなチャットアプリを開発しました。ただし実験レベルです。 開発はヘレンケラーシステム開発プロジェクトが行っています。 お問い合わせ先 <概要> Google社のHungout(ハングアウト)というチャットアプリの互換アプリケーションになります。...

  • Laproid





    Try 'Laproid Trial' before you buy. It works on Android devices (ver 1.6 or heigher), captures the lap time and it sends to the server, which can be monitored on the web site almost real time base for everyone. All the team members involved in the race can...

  • Laproid Trial

    Laproid Trial




    You can test what Laproid is. *** Trial Version Limitations *** - Lap measurement up to 15 minutes at each. - Lap data will be delete shortly.(Details TBD) ********************************* It works on Android devices (ver 1.6 or heigher), captures the lap time and it sends to the server, which...

  • Laproid for Fuji

    Laproid for Fuji




    このアプリは、富士スピードウエイレーシングコースでだけ使える、Laproidの無償版です。 設定は、Nicknameとパスワードを設定してくだされば、FSWにおいてすぐにご使用になれます。 無償版のため、設定のいくつかはご使用になれません。送信間隔は5秒固定となっています。 Laproid有償版は任意の地点にフィニッシュラインを設定でき、送信間隔は最短1秒まで設定することができます。 是非、Laproid有償版をお買い求めくださるようお願い申し上げます。 Laproidは、「競技に参加している関係者全員が競技を楽しむこと」を目指しています。...

  • CallOut





    This app will send message to 'Google Hungout' the name and phone number when incoming phone call. Sample message is under below. 2/21,21:34 (TmLab, 1234567890) Phone call. * You don't need input your google password. * Not supported SIP phone. * Licence This software includes the...

  • WifiWithYou



    WifiWithYou will turn on the Wifi only when turned on the screen . ( It does not do anything in Wifi tethering ) Basic functions only that, but by customizing it to your option settings, it is possible to automate the on / off Wifi comfortable and more convenient . I recommend to those who have...

  • StressRobo



    StressRobo is a tool for developers. Run out of memory as much as possible of Android, StressRobo attempts cause Low Memory state only for a moment. Low Memory since it is recognized state, allocated memory is released immediately. Comes less memory, Android OS, and kill unnecessary processes...

  • Button de Home

    Button de Home


    * This is a beta application. This is the elderly and the visually impaired people's Home application. ------------------------------------------------------ Copyright (c) 2012 Social welfare corporation Ouun-Kai, Director, Sadao Hasegawa and TM Laboratory Shigeo Mutoh All Rights Reserved.

  • Ippitsu 8/2

    Ippitsu 8/2




    This IPPITSU8 / 2 (Ippitsuhachini) It is an application of experimental stroke type input octal digit 2 Braille keypad. Traced in the following order, please. : Number first. : Central next. : Number last. Braille appears in the middle. Two numbers is a number that has been converted to octal...

  • Ippitsu 8/2R

    Ippitsu 8/2R




    The second stage of the experimental application of a two-digit octal input pen expression Braille keypad. Trace in the following order please. - The middle circle - Number - the middle circle. Determine the left side of the Braille. - Number - the middle circle. Braille is the right decision....

  • SoundTester





    You can play for the length of the specified sound of a specific frequency. Frequency (Hz) = {"20", "25", "50", "100", "200", "300", "400", "500", "750", "1000", "1250",...

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