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  • Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreats

    Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreats




    Welcome to our Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat app. We are China's leading chain of contemporary urban retreats, offering relaxing massages and beauty services to busy expatriates, weary travelers, and sophisticated local customers. Dragonfly retreats are oases of calm that feature fusion Asian...

  • Big Bamboo

    Big Bamboo


    Welcome to Big Bamboo App, China's Premier Sports & Entertainment Venues! Big Bamboo is a classic, unpretentious place everyone has come to enjoy! A neighborhood pub - a watering hole where relationships evolve over an ice-cold pint of beer and a friendly game of pool. We like to think...

  • SBR Mobile

    SBR Mobile


    SBR Mobile provides its users with a summary of all the main China business news, upcoming business events and contact details on main service providers efficiently organised into industry and professional sectors. FEATURES - News: Updated daily, browse China’s business news by industry or...

  • AEMBA 上海交通大学-法国马赛商学院

    AEMBA 上海交通大学-法国马赛商学院


    AEMBA项目由上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院和法国马赛商学院合作创立,包含国际双学位EMBA和国际MBA(投资与金融,全球管理方向)两个项目。作为上海MBA在职项目中的领导者之一,以培养具有国际化视野的复合型中高端职业经理人、创业者和领导者为目标,项目满足上海,乃至中国企业国际化和国际企业本土化的需要。从2003年至今,已成功举办7届,共吸引500多名中高级经理人就读,其中2009年国际学生超过22%。马赛商学院管理硕士项目全球排名第26位(金融时报) App powered by TMO Group -...

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