Tobias Eckert

  • Same




    The highly addictive game for two minutes of gaming in between. Similar to bubble breaker. Find balloons of the same color and make them explode. Easily learned and lots of fun. Same gives you: - Five difficulty levels - Two graphics modes - Undo Move functionality - Highscore List - Designed...

  • Dots and Boxes Plus




    Relive the classic you played back in school with a new twist. Dots and Boxes Plus gives you the classical game play on five different board sizes. Play against a friend in two player mode, or chose any of five challenging computer opponents. Chose between the classical or the advanced game...

  • Sudoku Challenge HD




    Sudoku in a highly motivating challenge mode. Can you unlock all levels? - Highly motivating challenge modus - Pencil In functionality - Resume games where you left them off - Easy Tutorial - Touchscreen Support - Unlimited number of Sudokus to play once the challenge is solved (Sudoku...

  • Find the ships - Solitaire




    Logic puzzle action. Find all ships hidden on a game grid using pure logic and deduction. The game concept's easy and the levels range from simple to mayhem. - Five difficulty levels - Resume where you left off - All levels have exactly one solution - Puzzle generator for an unlimited...

  • Find the ships - Solitaire 2




    The popular single player logic game known from games magazines. Sometimes known under the name Yubotu. Find all battleships hidden on a grid using logic and deduction. Embedded in a medieval story context this game will keep you entertained for hours. 30 level story mode, unlimited free-play,...

  • Sudoku Adventure




    More than just Sudoku. Find fame, fortune & treasure while solving your favorite puzzle game, Sudoku, in this classic adventure. You are set out to find 30 lost artifacts, by solving 30 hand picked Sudoku puzzles in a beautiful graphically designed Sudoku game. Follow the adventures of our...

  • TrigoMania




    TrigoMania brings a new type of logic puzzle action to Android. Like playing Domino but with Triangles. Select a Triangle from your supply, and place it on the TrigoMania field. You can place Triangles only next to Triangles of matching color or number. Play against the clock and fill the field...

  • Dots and Boxes




    Do you remember the game you used to play back in school? Get it now back for your phone! Fill in lines on a grid to capture the squares. Play against a friend or the challenging CPU opponent. - One and two player modes - 5 levels - Undo move - Two graphic modes - Four sizes - Touchscreen or...

  • Skeet Shooting




    Skeet Shooting Action for your Android Phone! Your kids will love it. Test your skills in this simple yet addictive fast paced reaction game. Tap - bang! That's all there's to it! Play alone or challenge your friends to a tournament. * Four Locations * HD graphics Runs smoothest with...

  • 5.0

    4 in a Row




    Play 4 in a row against the machine or a friend

  • 16x16 Sudoku Challenge HD




    9x9 Sudokus bore you? Find out if you are ready for the ultimate challenge: 16x16 Sudokus. This is for highly advanced Sudoku Players only. - Play 4x4, 9x9 and 16x16 Sudokus - and unlock the ultimate challenge - Touch-Screen, Trackball and Keyboard support - Pencil in functionality - Resume...

  • Shisen 2 - HD




    Shisen for Android! Like Mah-Jongg? Then you'll love Shisen. Remove all tiles from the playfield. Tiles can be removed in matching pairs. You can only remove pairs when they can be connected in a line that has maximum 2 turns - and no other tile being on that line. Shisen 2 gives you: -...

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