• Mine Clicker Extra




    Mine clicker is a very awkward and complex idle game that you really want to play. It starts pretty normal: you dig sand with leather pickaxe, drill hole in stones, then putin your account to get more money, with limited resources you start building your property. Then it gets incremental....

  • 6.2

    Ant Killer




    Please, let's stop the ants from flooding the screen

  • Brain Math Game




    Test your brain performance! This free game is a spin-off for highly-rated Einstein's Challenge. This time you can test how well your brain is processing numbers. Once again, you can compare yourself to Albert Einstein (or what would be expected of him, given his genius-level intelligence)....

  • Free Mind Game




    Play Free Mind Game and quickly improve your brain capabilities! This simple app is based on exercise designed to increase children IQ, but it works also on adults. It activates new parts of your brain and sharpens your memory. It does not require any skills and everyone can play it easily. This...

  • Einstein's Challenge




    Train your brain and have a lot of fun by accepting Einstein's Challenge! This simple and free application will activate and sharpen your short-term memory, visual memory and concentration. It will also analyze how well your brain is working and present it as comparison to Albert...

  • Brain Training




    This free app will boost your brain performance, by increasing your short-term memory, visual memory and concentration. Constant brain training is essential both for kids mind development and for keeping brain active and not aging for adults. This app is suitable for any gender, age and...

  • Brain Peak Performance




    Brain Peak Performance is a simple game that helps you check and train your mind fitness. The main idea is based on popular game freaking math - but we pushed that to another level. In Peak Brain Performance your goal is to see how difficult calcualtions you are able to make within 2 seconds and...

  • Penny Bubble Circles




    This is baloon penny version of famous game filler - but this time you are under water and you fill slots with air bubbles. Fill 67% of the screen with blue boom bubbles to get to the next level. But be carefull - you can’t create infinite number of those blue circles. Every dot you create...

  • Magic Forest




    Creators of Candy Jump, Ant Smasher and your favourite Mine Clicker Game present: Magic Forest - the most beautiful forest on Google Play. Simple yet fun and addictive game. Perfect for all kids - boys and girls, for warrior and for princess. The goal is to slice flying gems into small shining...

  • 5.1

    Candy Jump




    A simplistic game where precision is the most important skill

  • Einstein Challenge Full




    Improve your brain and have a lot of fun by accepting Einstein's Challenge! This is not a single game, but 5 different games in one app. All can be played in various difficulty setting and game modes, giving you hours of good time. And best of all: time spent on this game will activate your...

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