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Brain Training

This free app will boost your brain performance, by increasing your short-term memory, visual memory and concentration. Constant brain training is essential both for kids mind development and for keeping brain active and not aging for adults. This app is suitable for any gender, age and profession. You can train each day and observe your progress…

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Brain Math Game

Test your brain performance! This free game is a spin-off for highly-rated Einstein's Challenge. This time you can test how well your brain is processing numbers. Once again, you can compare yourself to Albert Einstein (or what would be expected of him, given his genius-level intelligence). You can even beat the Einstein result, if you are goo…

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Einstein's Challenge

Train your brain and have a lot of fun by accepting Einstein's Challenge! This simple and free application will activate and sharpen your short-term memory, visual memory and concentration. It will also analyze how well your brain is working and present it as comparison to Albert Einstein's brain (or what would be expected of him, given hi…

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Candy Smasher

This is a game about exploding amicable candies. That is one of unblocked games, a divergent joke for every cookie monster with a big appetite. We are gonna spoil you with sweet rainbow of candies, jelly beans and lollipops, with a nectar kiss of passion and chocolate. In our magical utopia honey candy wiggle and swirl among his orange, lemon, bl…

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Free Mind Game

Play Free Mind Game and quickly improve your brain capabilities! This simple app is based on exercise designed to increase children IQ, but it works also on adults. It activates new parts of your brain and sharpens your memory. It does not require any skills and everyone can play it easily. This app is suitable for any gender, age and profession.…

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Mine Clicker Extra

Mine Clicker Extra is an idle game about mining. You are a mining tycoon and your goal is to build a big company. How to play: * Click minerals and stones. Every stone has it own unique hardness and value. * Sometimes you have to click many times to dig trough the whole stone. * How fast you dig depends on the tool you use - for example you will…

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Monster Evolution Clicker

This is your tiny monster. He is so hungry, he could eat anything. Feed him, and see how it grows and evolves. He can develop larger teeth, limbs, wings, etc. In time it will learn to hunt for itself. And it will grow and grow. How to play: - Tap food repeatedly to eat it and gain calories. - Spend calories on upgrades: size, strength, brain, evol…

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Ant Killer

Ant Killer: This game is about smashing ants that are walking on the screen. You just need to kill them before they will manage to walk all the way to the bottom. Features: * Beautiful graphic and great sound effects * Insects of various sizes and colors * Over 25 badges to unlock. * Scoreboard and progress chart to show your improvement over tim…

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Brain Peak Performance

Brain Peak Performance is a brain training math game. How to play: On the screen you see a simple equation - for example “2 + 2 = 4” You have 2 seconds to click if the equation is right or wrong: check buttons on the bottom of the screen - “V” stands for “right” and “X“ stands for “wrong” It seems extremely easy but give it a try - most people do…

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Magic Forest

Welcome to enchanted forest. Enter the alabaster doors, to the world of miraculous darkness. Let’s go get lost, let’s get missguided, immersive in the world after Earth, where every tree is intriguing and every leaf is interesting, where holy hermes shows you extraordinary miracle behind every corner. See the fountain - a silent oasis far into th…

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Einstein Challenge Full

Improve your brain and have a lot of fun by accepting Einstein's Challenge! This is not a single game, but 5 different games in one app. All can be played in various difficulty setting and game modes, giving you hours of good time. And best of all: time spent on this game will activate your brain, enhance your visual memory and improve your co…

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Water bubbles

This is baloon creative version of wonderful game "filler" - but this time you are under water and you fill slots with air bubbles below deep blue sea. Deep in the blues. Fill 67% of the screen with blue boom bubbles to get to the next level. But be carefull - you can’t create infinite number of those blue circles. Every dot you create…

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