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Brain Training

This free app will boost your brain performance, by increasing your sh...

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Brain Math Game

Test your brain performance! This free game is a spin-off for highly-...

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Einstein's Challenge

Train your brain and have a lot of fun by accepting Einstein's Cha...

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Candy Smasher

A simplistic game where precision is the most important skill

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Free Mind Game

Play Free Mind Game and quickly improve your brain capabilities! This...

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Ant Killer

Please, let's stop the ants from flooding the screen

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Mine Clicker Extra

Mine clicker is a very awkward and complex idle game that you really w...

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Magic Forest

Welcome to enchanted forest. Enter the alabaster doors, to the world o...

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Einstein Challenge Full

Improve your brain and have a lot of fun by accepting Einstein's C...

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Brain Peak Performance

Brain Peak Performance is a simple game that helps you check and train...

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Blue Balls

This is baloon creative version of wonderful game "filler" -...

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