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  • Pohľadnice





    Vyberte si a pošlite pohľadnicu na každú príležitosť svojej rodine, priateľom, blízkemu- milovanému človeku, emailom, resp. cez Facebook. Pohľadnice na každú príležitosť: - prianie k sobášu - oslavy narodenín - meniny - Valentínky - Veľkonočné pohľadnice - Vianočné pohľadnice - privítanie...

  • Ready-made SMS

    Ready-made SMS




    Send SMS for every occasion! Ready-made SMS! Note: This application is not suitable for users younger than 18 years! Select and send SMS message for every occasion to your family, friends, lovers... SMS messages for every occasion: - Wedding - Birthday - Thanksgiving Day - Valentine's Day -...

  • Greeting Cards 4U

    Greeting Cards 4U




    Choose a one of greeting cards for every occasion and send it to your family, friends, lovers by email, resp. through Facebook. Ready-made greeting cards for every occasion: - Wedding - Happy Birthday - Thanskgiving Day - Valentine's Day - Easter Cards - Christmas cards - Welcome baby's...

  • Valentínky





    Pošlite Valentínsku pohľadnicu svojej milej/milému, svojej manželke/manželovi, alebo inému Tebe veľmi blízkemu človeku emailom, cez Facebook, alebo ako SMSku. Excelentný dizajn šablón, ľahký postup odoslania Valentínky, resp. SMSky z predvolených obrázkových tém a textov. Vpíšte do predvolenej...

  • Europe Metro Maps

    Europe Metro Maps




    The biggest european metro maps database in the Android Market! Only for 1 € for limited time!!! This application gives you any information related to metros, subways around the Europe. Europe Metro Map gives you a general overview of each city's metro system and maps of all relevant sites...

  • SMS lístky na MHD

    SMS lístky na MHD




    S aplikáciou Lístky SMS na MHD si môžete pohodlne, rýchlo a jednoducho kúpiť SMS lístok na mestskú hromadnú dopravu v Bratislave, Košiciach, Žiline, Prešove a Banskej Bystrici. Stačí vybrať mesto a objednať lístok. V Bratislave máte na výber buď 70 minútový, alebo 24 hodinový, v Banskej Bystrici...

  • Cities Puzzle

    Cities Puzzle




    Put together many puzzles of the most famous and most beautiful cities over the world in this one single app. You have more than 100 puzzle images availible in this app. Choose whichever you like and have fun. You can choose between these cities: New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Paris, Rome,...

  • Christmas Puzzles

    Christmas Puzzles




    Puzzles games for Christmas and New Year. Split and concat pictures with many themes: Santa Claus Reindeer Christmas Tree Christmas Bauble Christmas Star Snowland

  • QR and Barcode reader

    QR and Barcode reader




    The best free QR and Barcode reader in Android Market!!! Fast, simple and effective methode of decoding several types of codes. This app is completely free!!! For scanning QR codes you do not need active internet connection.

  • Africa Australia Metro Maps

    Africa Australia Metro Maps




    The biggest african and australian metro maps database in the Android Market! This application gives you any information related to metros, subways around the Africa and the Australia. Africa Australia Metro Map gives you a general overview of each city's metro system and maps of all...

  • Cestovné lístky

    Cestovné lístky




    Aplikácia pre Google Play (Android Market), ktorá Vám umožní bez problémov objednať si cestovný lístok, rezervovať miesto vo vlaku, v autobuse, alebo letenku a zaplatiť online cez mobilnú aplikáciu. Za pár minút si môžete pohodlne kúpiť cestovný doklad cez Váš smartfón.

  • Train Europe and France

    Train Europe and France




    Want to save time? Discover our iPhone and iPad application. Buy train tickets for Europe, consult timetables and view your orders … Download application for booking your train tickets for traveling in Europe and France. By booking your trip, choose the e-ticket service and receive by mail a...

  • Road Tolls

    Road Tolls




    NOW ACTION! ONLY FOR 1 EURO! If you're planning a trip to the Europe, here's some vital information on countries that operate road toll systems or vignettes. Click the country flag (vignette system) on the map or select the country name (toll roads, bridges, tunnels) to view toll...

  • Bram Stoker's Dracula and othe

    Bram Stoker's Dracula and othe


    Born in Clontarf (near Dublin, Ireland) on November 8, 1847, Bram (Abraham) Stoker is recognized as one of the most prominent Gothic authors of the Victorian fin-de-siècle. An accomplished athlete, journalist, author, biographer, theatre critic and theatre manager, Stoker is best known for his...

  • Edgar Allan Poe Books

    Edgar Allan Poe Books


    Edgar Allan Poe, 1809-1849: Poet and writer of tales, was born at Boston, where his parents, who were both actors, were temporarily living. He was left an orphan in early childhood in destitute circumstances, but was adopted by a Mr. Allan of Richmond, Virginia. By him and his wife he was...

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