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Download Namnsdag Namnsdag icon

Programmet presenterar vilka namn som har namnsdag den dag som programmet startas. Man kan även söka på namn för att hitta när ett visst namn har namnsdag.

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Download Budget Budget icon

Ett program för att enkelt hantera en budget i hemmet eller liknande med resultat hantering. Notera menyerna för att ändra saker.

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Download Vecka Vecka icon

Visar aktuell vecka, för den som inte vill starta en kalender eller annan applikation.

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Download Matförslag Matförslag icon

Detta program listar förslag på en maträtt. Bra att ha när man känner sig fantasilös. Tryck på knappen och ett nytt förslag poppar upp.

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Download Mastermind Mastermind icon

Mastermind game, select your pins, then hit done. Then you can select new pins for the second row. The bottom row is the first one. When you hit done you will receive black and white pins to the right. Black pins means right color and right spot, white means right color wrong spot. After ten tries the correct line is presented.

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Download Nameday greek Nameday greek icon
Nameday greek

The greek version of the nameday program. Displays the name day the day the program starts, and it is possible to search by name to find out which day the name is celebrated. It is possible to add an event to the calendar. Please report bugs.

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Download Wine list Wine list icon
Wine list

Stores wine, country, id, rating, and if you have it at home. Can be used as a shopping help, so you know which wine you have tried and if you have them at home already. Add wine items with the menu option, and you can remove or edit items by long clicking. A fast click allows you to swap if you have it at home or not. There is also a possibility t…

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Download ShakeDice ShakeDice icon

A dice that you roll by shaking your phone.

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Download Nameday french Nameday french icon
Nameday french

Shows who has name day on that particular day, and you can add a reminder to your calendar. Please report bugs or errors in this program and I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

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