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Tomas Klockar

  • Lyssningsövning



    Hör ett ord på engelska och prova att stava det.

  • Mandelbrotmobile



    Program som genererar mandelbrot fraktaler. Möjlighet att zooma.

  • Convert units

    Convert units


    Converts between the metric system and imperial/us system. Selection that the from unit selects a to unit that have a conversion from the to unit. So changing the from unit to dBm will select Watt as the to unit so it is easier to set the to unit. However if the to unit is alread Watt or...

  • Wine list

    Wine list




    Stores wine, country, id, rating, and if you have it at home. Can be used as a shopping help, so you know which wine you have tried and if you have them at home already. Add wine items with the menu option, and you can remove or edit items by long clicking. A fast click allows you to swap if you...

  • Budget





    Ett program för att enkelt hantera en budget i hemmet eller liknande med resultat hantering. Notera menyerna för att ändra saker.

  • BlackNWhite



    The goal is to get the most tiles at the end of the game. White starts and you have to have at leasst one black tile between the tile you want to place and another white tile. There can be no empty squares between these two white tiles and they have to be lined up horizontal, vertical or diagonally.

  • Läsövning



    Appen presenterar olika meningar, eller delar av meningar som kan användas för att öva läsning. Det är möjligt att välja att bara få stora bokstäver i menyn.

  • Read Click View Mobile

    Read Click View Mobile


    Read the word, guess what the picture is and klick on the text to see the picture. Click again to get a new word. Suitable for children and others that are trying to learn how to read. In the menu you can select to have only uppercase to make it easier to read.

  • PresentationTimerMobile



    A timer that can be used during a presentation. It will count down to zero, when there is more than 5 minutes left the timer is green, then it turns yellow until it is just one minute left when it turns red. Tap on the screen to pause. Use the menu to reset the timer or change the time.

  • MatteMobil



    Matematik övningsprogram, övar dig på de fyra vanliga räknesätten(+-*/) och procent.

  • Vecka





    Visar aktuell vecka, för den som inte vill starta en kalender eller annan applikation.

  • Name day dannish

    Name day dannish


    Dannish version of the name day program. Presents the name of the day when the program is started. It is possible to search for names to find out which day its their day. You can also add name of the day to the calendar. Please report buggs.

  • Navnedag



    Visar aktuell namnsdag när programmet startas. Rapportera gärna buggar. Nå kan du legge til kalenderen din. Viser gjeldende navnet på dagen når det starter. Vennligst rapporter feil. (Goggle translated). Norwegin set of names. Please report bugs.

  • Namnsdag finnish

    Namnsdag finnish


    Finnish version of my app that presents the names of the day. It is possible to add an event to the calendar.

  • Namnsdag





    Programmet presenterar vilka namn som har namnsdag den dag som programmet startas. Man kan även söka på namn för att hitta när ett visst namn har namnsdag.

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