Tomkid Game

  • Air Live Wallpaper




    Simple best beautiful but save battery live wallpaper!

  • Funny Jokes




    《Funny Jokes》 You can check jokes and funny pictures online,And it will be updated every minutes. Features: 【1】Every day you can get 10000 jokes。 【2】Load when watch。Save your phone power and internet stream. 【2】Fluent feeling。Update jokes by your sliding finger。 【3】Share fashion。Share your...

  • Japness Master




    Help you pass Japanese four ability to test! Upgraded version 1, add the standard Japanese words 2, add the function of looking up words, you can copy the text to look up the words, and so on. 3, add favorite words function --------- An application, a good book! ------------

  • Water War




    《Water War》 The most popular strategy puzzle game on Android phones! Absolutely test your IQ! The rules of the game is very simple and very easy to understand. However, one of the skills and strategies far more than Parkour class game difficulty, absolutely test and exercise your IQs! Do you...

  • Win8 Style Live Wallpaper




    Win8 Surface Style Live Wallpaper Just like Windows8 surface. Colorful and very beautiful! You can just download it,then choose“LiveWallpaper”—>“Metro Style Live Wallpaper”,OK。 *** Features *** #1# You can absolutely define your own style、your own size and so on to make it suitable for your...

  • U.S. Army Survival Manual




    -------------------------------------------------- --- Put the entire US Army survival guide on your Phone or PAD. What's new: * Free!!!!!! * * Offline!!! * * Install on sdcard. * * Support Rotation. * * Support both English && Chinese version! * Whether you are an avid hunter or...

  • 3D Magic Wireframes Wallpaper




    3D rotating three-dimensional wireframe dynamic wallpaper [1] choose a different 3D wireframe [2] when the sliding screen round wireframe [3] rotation direction allows you to produce the illusion of [4] do not believe? Try it ~ ~ If you have any good ideas, please leave a message to tell us. We...

  • Cat And Bear Live Wallpaper




    This live wallpaper is inspired by the ghost cat and babe bear story. This is a touched story (though it has dark & horible background), so we made this wallpaper to those who love this story. You can just download and install it. Then set it to your Phone or Pad wallpaper through your...

  • 脑筋急转10000弯




    没事跟家人、朋友、同学来过脑筋急转弯吧,既给大家带来了欢乐,老年又不容易得痴呆,不断更新最新的脑筋急转弯给您带来欢乐! 使用: 【1】点击条目进行阅读。 【2】长摁“我的收藏”中的条目,编辑收藏。 【3】分享自己得意的急转弯吧 特点: 【1】万条脑筋急转弯,无重复。 【2】搭讪、口才必备。 【3】界面简洁、漂亮。 【4】完全免费。 、、、、、、 沒事跟家人、朋友、同學來過腦筋急轉彎吧,既給大家帶來了歡樂,老年又不容易得癡呆,不斷更新最新的腦筋急轉彎給您帶來歡樂! 使用: 【1】點擊條目進行閱讀。 【2】長摁“我的收藏”中的條目,編輯收藏。 【3】分享自己得意的急轉彎吧 特點:...

  • Sea Mountain Sky LWP




    Beautiful and Peaceful live wallpaper. This wallpaper suits for both phone and pad. Remember:You can touch the sea to see bubbles where you touch!

  • Net Camera




    NetCamera This application can help you connect your phone camera with the PC's web. First,install the app and open it. Second,open one or MORE browsers of PC' or of Phone'.And connect "http://yourphoneIP:8080/a". Then you can see the web show what your phone...

  • Break The Lamp




    As night fell, George came back to his old house after a long journey.One of the faint light hanging on the ceiling, and George had been tired and wanted to turn off the light to sleep. But he didnot know why the light was still on! George is very angry. Trying to help George to turn offthe...

  • i-Ebook




    i-Ebook This ebook reader is designed for simple,saving power, and effective. It's made for you who love ebooks! Features: 1、Beautiful and simple interface. 2、You can read hundreds of exciting novels offline! 3、You can add your own ebook whatever the size is! 4、You can mark your...

  • Japness Grammar




    Japanese four pro forma information must. Summary Japanese the the four syntax, Zhenti parsing, four words Grammar point and often test summary. The pro forma information is based entirely on the date of the new standard, the pro forma information is indispensable. Help you pass Japanese four...

  • Little cute tutorise wallpaper




    Little Cute Tutorise Live Wallpaper This is a livewallpaper in which a little cute tutorise overcomes all the obstacles to go home. Let's help him! It's fun and pretty beautiful! Features: [1] Save your phone power.(it will pause when not shown) [2] The background can be auto changed by...

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