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    Dog Teaser

    A fun application for all dog lovers. Choose from a great selection of sounds to tease and amuse your dog. Sounds include: - 4 high-frequency dog whistles - Dog Bark - Dog Howl - Dog Growl - Cat Fight - Cat Meow - Door Bell - Hoover - Squeaky Toy - Fireworks

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    Hearing Test

    Hearing Test is a fun and easy to use hearing test app for Android. This hearing test plays 8 tones at different frequencies. If you cannot hear all of the frequencies or notice a distinct volume change, you may have a hearing loss. Humans can generally hear sounds with frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz although this range varies significan…

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    Download Annoying Sounds Annoying Sounds icon
    Annoying Sounds

    "Annoying Sounds" comes with the most irritating sounds we could find! You can even play multiple sounds at once. Use it at parties, at the office, at school, during meetings, at home, anywhere you want to drive people crazy. All sounds loop forever. Simply press a particular button once to play a sound and press the same button again t…

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    Fart Machine

    The ultimate prank app for Android. Great fun for all ages! FEATURES - Large collection of fart sounds - Set timer (Pick a sound, set a time and wait for your victim) Some of the funny farting sounds in the Fart Machine app: Pull My Finger, Squeaky Leaky, Harry Pooter, Forrest Dump, Brave Fart, Whoopee Cushion, and many more....

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