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    WoW Toon Wars

    Find out how worthy your World of Warcraft characters really are. Confront them to characters from all realms (US & EU so far) and beat them in epic Toon Wars! WoW Toon Wars creates a ranking system based on a number of armory statistics. Achievements, Quests, Honorable Kills, Boss kill and many more stats are taken into account to give your c…

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    Download The Forest Maker Trial Version The Forest Maker Trial Version icon
    The Forest Maker Trial Version

    Carbon Tom is blessed -and cursed- with a strange boon; Everywhere he walks, trees grow behind him! It comes in handy as he tries to reforest the land, but often gets him into serious trouble! Help our little peon plant all the trees he needs and reach the exit of each map safely. HOW DOES THE FOREST MAKER WORK: - You move Tom across the map, an…

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    Download My Life Balance My Life Balance icon
    My Life Balance

    Most of us are rushing through life, towards that next milestone, that next project, sale, competition... and so was I, until I eventually noticed that I was rushing past a number of important things, like my family, my friends, even my own health. This prompted me to create this app, "My Life Balance" to give people a quick and simple r…

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    Download Squiggle Squiggle icon

    One simple goal, reaching the next dot. Swipe left or right to make the squiggle turn in the corresponding direction, and follow the guiding arrows to get to the next marker. Every marker reached gives you some bonus time and the game ends when your time runs out. Enjoy! The TonicTurtle team.

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    Download The Forest Maker The Forest Maker icon
    The Forest Maker

    Beat the game and make a HUNDRED BUCKS! On September 1st, 2015, at 00:01am (1 minute past midnight) whoever is the #1 listed player at the top of The Forest Maker Ranking will be awarded $100 AUD. CONTEST TERMS & CONDITIONS: - The winner must complete all 70 levels of the game, on a single device. - The winner needs to be at the top of the…

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