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  • Glass2048





    The popular 2048 game. This is a Google Glass edition, but works flawlessly on any Android device.

  • TopVoiceControl





    Enhanced Voice Dialer Long press on CALL key and choose "Top Voice Control". Text-to-speech features are best for in-car use, when you can't look at the screen. 1.4.0 - Recognizing voice commands at results list: NEXT/PREVIOUS/OK/CANCEL You are welcome to send us your feedback...

  • TopStack





    Unofficial client for Stack Overflow. The app is constantly improving. Leave your suggestions for future versions. V0.1.1 - Upgrades to API version 1.0 V0.1 - More functionality, bugfixes

  • TopMarketTest - No Limitations

    TopMarketTest - No Limitations




    If you see this application in Android Market, your device can find: applications with no distribution limitations.

  • TopMarketTest - Paid

    TopMarketTest - Paid


    If you see this application in Android Market, your device can find: PAID applications. THIS IS A DUMMY APPLICATION AND YOU SHOULD NOT BUY IT !!!

  • TopMarketTest - Copy Protected

    TopMarketTest - Copy Protected




    If you see this application in Android Market, your device can find: COPY-PROTECTED applications.

  • TopFunction





    TopFunction is android application to visualize mathematical functions. You write a function like: sin(x)/x and the application will draw a graph of this function.

  • TopKeyboard





    Solves the problem of soft-keyboard keys being too narrow and easy to miss. Keys got closer to the shape of the touched surface by your finger. To enable: 1. Open: Settings -> Locale & text -> TopKeyboard: check to enable. 2. Long-press on any input text field and choose: Input Method...

  • TopLetters





    Shared fridge door with magnet letters !!! Write messages to other people from a bunch of colored letters. Just drag-move letters to form a word. Changelog: v1.5 - Save and share options in menu, major bugfixes v1.1 - Fixes for proxy connections, icon added

  • 1-Click GPS Toggle

    1-Click GPS Toggle




    Single click widget to toggle GPS state. The first widget to do this in one click. TO ADD THIS WIDGET to your home screen: long-click on empty space and choose it from widgets category. Changes: 1.6 - Wifi bug fix for Donut (Android 1.6), performance improvement Contact us for help and support.

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