Download Corrupt Image Finder Corrupt Image Finder icon

Corrupt Image Finder

Media Service runs indefinitely and drains battery when finds out corr...

Free | 6.2 171

6.2 Users
Download Football: Soccer Cards Game Football: Soccer Cards Game icon

Football: Soccer Cards Game

Play with Soccer Card! You will have a list of 24 players inspired by...

Free | 6.8 61

6.8 Users
Download World IBAN Calculator World IBAN Calculator icon

World IBAN Calculator

This app lets you calculate IBAN for checking accounts for various cou...

Free | 7.4 44

7.4 Users
Download Glomerular Filtration Rate Glomerular Filtration Rate icon

Glomerular Filtration Rate

The application allows for the calculation of GFR (Glomerular Filtrati...

Free | 8.4 22

8.4 Users
Download Tostis Notes Lite Tostis Notes Lite icon

Tostis Notes Lite

Write down secret notes with Tostis Notes. Text is encrypted with AES...

Free | 5.2 18

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Download Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Breast Cancer Risk Assessment icon

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

This app estimate a woman's risk of developing invasive breast can...

Free | 7.8 10

7.8 Users
Download Tostis .nomedia Handler Tostis .nomedia Handler icon

Tostis .nomedia Handler

This app lets you hide multimedia content from standard Android apps....

Free | 5.6 12

5.6 Users
Download Coronary Heart Disease Coronary Heart Disease icon

Coronary Heart Disease

This app estimates risk of having coronary heart disease at 10 years b...

Free | 9.4 6

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Download Tostis Body Surface Area Tostis Body Surface Area icon

Tostis Body Surface Area

Body Surface Area is the measured or calculated surface of a human bod...

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Download Find the actor suits you best Find the actor suits you best icon

Find the actor suits you best

Do you want to know who is the famous actor right for you? Numerology...

Free | 6.2 7

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