• Italian IBAN Calculator Pro




    This app lets you calculate IBAN for Italian checking accounts and verify an IBAN to obtain info about matching bank and agency. When you fill ABI and CAB fields, autocompletition helps you showing bank and agency description retrieved from database. The same thing applies if you insert...

  • Tostis Notes Pro




    You must install Tostis Notes Ad Version before installing this app! You can find it here: Write down secret notes with Tostis Notes. Text is encrypted with AES algorithm and saved on your SD card to make backup easier. Every .tec file has...

  • Tostis Notes Lite




    Write down secret notes with Tostis Notes. Text is encrypted with AES algorithm and saved on your SD card to make backup easier. Every .tec file has its own alphanumeric password and is stored by default in /sdcard/TostisNotes/ directory. Share unencrypted text inside your note with application...

  • Stamp Duty Checker




    Check the validity of the italian Stamp Duty. You can take a shoot or manually enter the code. The application will return information about the value, the date of issue and the possible cancellation date. This app needs Barcode Scanner...

  • Corrupt Image Finder




    Media Service runs indefinitely and drains battery when finds out corrupt images. This app identifies corrupt images and lets you delete or move them to another folder. If you move them, make sure you have a .nomedia file in destination folder or use Tostis .nomedia Handler. This app runs only...

  • Glomerular Filtration Rate




    The application allows for the calculation of GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) through the main two formulas: Cockroft-Gault and MDRD those derived from the study (Modification of Diet in Renal Disease)

  • Find Professional Association




    Is the person you are speaking with really an architect? A doctor? An engineer? A... Find it now! If you are travelling to Italy this app can help you: It can search people inside italian professional associations. READ BELOW! This application is NOT related with any of these professional...

  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment




    This app estimate a woman's risk of developing invasive breast cancer using two statistical models: Gail and NSABP provided by National Cancer Institute and National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project. If you are not a health professional, you are encouraged to discuss these results...

  • Football: Soccer Cards Game




    Play with Soccer Card! You will have a list of 24 players inspired by the most famous athletes in international football shown in manga style and with strange names! Fate will establish the value of the cards that will make up your team, your skills instead will allow you to select the 3 winning...

  • Yes Disturb Me(Do Not Disturb)




    Yes Disturb Me aka Tostis Call UnBlocker Yes Disturb Me lets you notice an incoming call even if the phone is in silent or vibration mode. The phone will ring only if the incoming call comes from a whitelisted number. Numbers are picked individually from your phone contacts so you can allow an...

  • Coronary Heart Disease




    This app estimates risk of having coronary heart disease at 10 years based on publication from Framingham Heart Study. Print results to any printer with Google Cloud Print (available for Android 2.2+). ATTENTION! Author is not responsible regarding freshness, correctness, completeness or quality...

  • Tostis Paroliere Lite


    Tired of leaving incomplete one more crossword? Hangman has never been your strong point? You just can not form anagram for "teatro"? The anagram you have found is a word that makes sense or are you cheating? The solution is Tostis Paroliere (Lyricist)! With this application you can...

  • World IBAN Calculator




    This app lets you calculate IBAN for checking accounts for various country and verify an IBAN to obtain info about abi, cab and checking account. Please note that codes my be numeric (n), alphanumeric (a) or mixed (an). Near each field you can read the pattern es. 5n means five digits. You can...

  • Tostis Body Surface Area




    Body Surface Area is the measured or calculated surface of a human body. This app calculates BSA with various formulas from Du Bois, Mosteller, Haycock, Gehan and George, Boyd, Fujimoto, Takahira, Schlich, Pediatric. Average BSA for children of various ages, for men, and for women, are taken to...

  • Show It Pro




    This app allows you to recover files hidden and crypted by Hide It Pro without knowing the pin code. Is not needed to have Hide It Pro app installed. This app works because "hidden" folders are simply moved in a known path and crypted files use a fixed key unrelated to pin code of Hide...

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