• Tostis AutoGPSFix

    Tostis AutoGPSFix




    This apps records gps data at fixed custom intervals. Unlike many other application, Tostis AutoGPSFix can automatically enable gps, record data and disable gps device. Tostis AutoGPSFix works even if you restart the device and does not drain your battery because it doesn't run in background...

  • Tostis Paroliere

    Tostis Paroliere




    Tired of leaving incomplete one more crossword? Hangman has never been your strong point? You just can not form anagram for "teatro"? The anagram you have found is a word that makes sense or are you cheating? The solution is Tostis Paroliere (Lyricist)! With this application you can...

  • Find the actor suits you best

    Find the actor suits you best




    Do you want to know who is the famous actor right for you? Numerology can help you to satisfy your curiosity! Play with your friends! Enter your name and your date of birth and the application will show you the actor that suits you best! Click the banner once a day. It's FREE for YOU and...

  • Tostis .nomedia Handler

    Tostis .nomedia Handler




    This app lets you hide multimedia content from standard Android apps. If you mark a folder as "hidden", it will not be shown in programs like gallery. In some cases is necessary to delete app cache from settings - apps - gallery, media storage or any other app. PS. Files can be read...

  • Glomerular Filtration Rate

    Glomerular Filtration Rate




    The application allows for the calculation of GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) through the main two formulas: Cockroft-Gault and MDRD those derived from the study (Modification of Diet in Renal Disease)

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