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    Plekos is an Android take on the popular coin soccer board game.

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    Download Rio LWP Sugar Loaf (trial) Rio LWP Sugar Loaf (trial) icon
    Rio LWP Sugar Loaf (trial)

    Imersive animated wallpaper; Rio's famous Sugar Loaf mountain, looking over the Guanabara bay; Realistic 3D Animated clouds; Daytime version in trial mode

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    Download The Flame The Flame icon
    The Flame

    THE FLAME application is intuitive and extremely simple, and contains NearBytes, the most innovative data transmission technology that uses sound. The goal is to share a gesture representing faith and love, spreading a FLAME - that symbolizes unity and faith the world over through proximity. Sharing THE FLAME through proximity with your mobile de…

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    Download Some Merchant Some Merchant icon
    Some Merchant

    Some Merchant is a demo m-pos application that uses Sndkey. It's a white label solution that performs payment transactions using sound as the communication method, without the need of internet connection (for the m-wallet app). The Some Merchant app provides an unprecedented and innovative experience in mobile payments. Please, ask for your cr…

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    Download Bubblaze Bubblaze icon

    Let Bob the bubble exit the maze and avoid all the obstacles.

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    Download Rio Live Wallpaper - Corcovado Rio Live Wallpaper - Corcovado icon
    Rio Live Wallpaper - Corcovado

    Immersive animated wallpaper; Rio's famous Christ the Redeemer statue (one of the new 7 wonders of the world) Realistic 3D Animated clouds Wallpaper synchronises with phone clock, showing sunrise, daytime, sunset and night.

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    Download Top Cards - Soccer Cup '14 Top Cards - Soccer Cup '14 icon
    Top Cards - Soccer Cup '14

    In this educational card game, discover amazing data about the 32 national soccer teams taking part of the 2014 soccer cup in Brazil. You`ll play face-to-face with another player, each one on his own smartphone, using NearBytes technology. You`ll have to be smart, and choose the best characteristic for each squad, in order to win all the cards in t…

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    Download St George Live Soulpaper St George Live Soulpaper icon
    St George Live Soulpaper

    Imersive animated wallpaper; Saint George was a Roman soldier, and also a Christian martyr. He is one of the most venerated saints in Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox churches. He is immortalized in the tale of St. George and the Dragon. He is patron saint to many countries, cities, and organizations such as football clubs, scouting and army assoc…

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    Download BizBuzz BizBuzz icon

    BizBuzz is a simple, practical and intuitive mobile application that exchanges personal and professional contact information between mobile devices. The BizBuzz application is the first of it`s kind to incorporate NearByte`s revolutionary data transmission using sound. For more information, including how to get a branded version of this app, visi…

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    Download NearCast Pollos Hermanos NearCast Pollos Hermanos icon
    NearCast Pollos Hermanos

    NearCast technology's demo app. This app can identify a NearCast tagged audio to unlock features, receive coupons, prizes or ad campaigns in general. Open this app and in a computer and play the following youtube video. You'll get a coupon for the Pollos Hermanos fake food stores. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13TUS9N72ug

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