• Virus Wars

    Virus Wars




    In the virus world,You need to attack all other virus and infect them. As time pass the virus grow and become more powerful. Sometimes your enemies are more powerful than you, but they can’t compete with your clever tactics!

  • Rainbow Ball

    Rainbow Ball




    First, the screen will appear 3 balls. Once you move a ball, the other three balls will be added at random. Four same balls at least in a line will disappear and get scores. And when the balls disappeared, it would not add new ones. The path that Moving a ball will be prevented when the others...

  • Doodle Drop

    Doodle Drop




    Doodle Drop is a type of action game, which is operated by making use of phone's gravitational sensor.Tilt the phone left/right to control the Role moving left/right.The more angle you tilt, the faster the Role moves.Avoid touching the spike or the Role will lose his lifespan. When the...

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