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TP Vision

  • Philips TV Remote App

    Philips TV Remote App




    Why just watch TV when you can do so much more? Discover how much fun interacting with your Philips Smart TV* (released in 2014 & later - XXPUS7XX9, XXPFS8XX9, XXPUS8XX9, XXPUS8XX9C, XXPUS9XX9) can be, with Philips TV Remote app on your smart phone or tablet. It can replace your conventional...

  • Ambilight TV

    Ambilight TV




    Wave your flag with the Philips Ambilight TV app. Let there be light: Your team. Your colors. Your flag. Now it’s possible to cheer your team to victory in glorious Ambilight. With the Philips Ambilight TV app you can select your countries national flag or national color to surround your TV...

  • Ambilight+hue





    Description Extend your Ambilight TV experience to your hue light bulbs with the new Ambilight+hue app! Using your Ambilight TV and hue light bulbs, this app creates a complete experience in your Ambilight TV room! After connecting to your Ambilight TV and hue light bulbs, it will extend the...

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