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  • Safe Mobile Workforce

    Safe Mobile Workforce




    Safe Mobile Workforce is a solution that allows IT managers to host corporate apps and data within a secure mobile operating system on centralized servers. This client application is used to provide users with secure access to a separate securely managed environment on their mobile device. To...

  • Dr. Safety - Heartbleed Scan

    Dr. Safety - Heartbleed Scan




    Protect your privacy, find your phone or tablet when you lose it, improve your Facebook privacy and identify malicious apps that steal your info including fake banking apps. Dr. Safety provides 100% detection according to AV-TEST and is also certified by PCSL and AV-Comparatives. As a global...

  • 行動安全防護-全民版





    AV-Test評鑑100%防護的手機安全軟體,由資安防護第一品牌趨勢科技與電信龍頭中華電信共同推出”行動安全防護-全民版”,提供全民「防毒.防詐.防竊.防盜.防色.防擾」6招全面防護,有效過濾手機簡訊,或透過通訊或社群軟體散播的詐騙連結、有害APP,避免隱私資料外洩,還可尋找遺失的手機或平板電腦。持續提供手機健檢,協助全民反詐騙。 【特色說明】 第一招:防詐 封鎖詐騙簡訊內的網址與釣魚網站,避免個資外洩,導致金錢損失 第二招:防擾 封鎖騷擾簡訊/來電:可過濾並封鎖騷擾電話和簡訊內容。 內建詐騙電話黑名單:已預先內建詐騙電話資料庫,防止您遭到電話詐騙,導致重大金錢損失 第三招:防毒...

  • Longevity - Battery Saver

    Longevity - Battery Saver




    Trend Micro Longevity saves battery by automating the things experts would do. It warns you when you download a new app that is a power hog, and tells you exactly how long you have until your phone or tablet runs dry. BEST BATTERY SAVING APP EVER!!!! A+++++ - K Meow, Mar 26, 2013 it has saved...

  • TMMS_TestEicar_Paid



    Just for paid eicar apk test

  • Dr. Booster – Game Optimizer

    Dr. Booster – Game Optimizer




    Boost your device's performance while playing games

  • SafeSync for Enterprise

    SafeSync for Enterprise




    Securely access, share, and sync company files from anywhere, anytime from any device Trend Micro™ SafeSync for Enterprise™ helps IT increase employees agility and convenience, by allowing the distribution and consolidation of scattered company documents in a controlled space. SafeSync for...

  • Mobile Security & Antivirus

    Mobile Security & Antivirus




    Protect your privacy, find your phone or tablet when you lose it, backup your photos and videos, improve your Facebook privacy and identify malicious apps that steal your info including fake banking apps. Trend Micro Mobile Security & AntiVirus provides 100% detection according to

  • SafeSync™





    Get all your stuff on your mobile device! Stream music and video to your smartphone, share photos with friends on your tablet, or just play it safe and keep secure backups of your most important memories on all your devices. Trend Micro™ SafeSync™ works where you want it, syncing files between...

  • Mobile Backup & Restore

    Mobile Backup & Restore




    Backup and Restore is an essential free app that makes a secure backup copy of all your contacts, photos, videos and other files in the cloud, so you can easily restore them to any Android device whenever you like. Trend Micro specializes in making powerful protection surprisingly simple. As the...

  • DirectPass





    DirectPass is a password manager that can help you effortlessly sign into websites without having to remember multiple passwords and gain access when and where needed, across multiple devices. DirectPass offers secure features such as: • Cloud Sync - Backs up and syncs passwords, notes and...

  • DirectPass for Tablet

    DirectPass for Tablet




    Trend Micro™ DirectPass manages your passwords and login IDs in one, secure location, requiring you to remember only one password. DirectPass gives you: • An encrypted storage location for all of your online login credentials In-the-cloud synchronization across multiple devices • A password...

  • Privacy Scanner for Facebook

    Privacy Scanner for Facebook




    Monitor your Facebook page settings and control who can contact you and access your personal information. Privacy Scanner will identify the settings that may lead to privacy concerns and help you to fix them. This is a free app and is available in English Only, when integrated with Trend Micro...

  • Hosted Mobile Security

    Hosted Mobile Security




    Trend Micro Hosted Mobile Security (HMS) is a hosted service that protects and manages all personal and corporate mobile devices running iOS and Android. HMS allows users to bring their own devices and use them to access corporate resources. HMS resides on Trend Micro's secure servers and...

  • Carrier IQ Scanner

    Carrier IQ Scanner




    Carrier IQ is an application designed to monitor the performance of the carrier. The performance of the carrier can be measured by checking if the services they offer are served properly, services such as text messaging, calls, Internet connection, and others. Carrier IQ comes preinstalled in...

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