Trevor Doyle

  • Algebra





    **REAL TEACHER TAUGHT LESSONS** Algebra This algebra course teaches basic number operations, variables and their applications. Gain a fundamental sense of equations, inequalities and their solutions. This course offers 11 full chapters with 6-8 lessons each chapter that present short easy to...

  • Algebra Readiness

    Algebra Readiness


    **REAL TEACHER TAUGHT LESSONS** Algebra Readiness: This course teaches whole numbers, operations on whole numbers, rational numbers, operations on rational numbers, symbolic notation, equations and functions, and the coordinate plane. This course offers 11 full chapters in three parts with 6-8...

  • Algebra Problem Solving Skills

    Algebra Problem Solving Skills


    **REAL TEACHER TAUGHT LESSONS** Algebra Problem Solving Skills: This algebra problem solving skills course teaches basic techniques to solve common word problem solving strategies and test taking skills. Even after taking algebra students frequently need additional help with word problems and...

  • Pre Algebra

    Pre Algebra


    **REAL TEACHER TAUGHT LESSONS** Pre-Algebra This course teaches students to expand number sense to understand, perform operations, and solve problems with rational numbers. Pre-Algebra is taken by students as a first introduction to the concepts and skills needed to be successful in Algebra...

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