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  • English Pronunciation




    The app provides thousands of recorded sounds. There are 3 groups of sounds: - Comparative Words - Sample Words - Full Sentences You can also record and listen to your voice.

  • 1800 Grammar Tests (Free)




    1800 Grammar Tests is a free app and it has 1925 English Grammar questions. Each test contains 10 questions. You can take the tests in auto-score mode which marks the correct answer automatically, or test mode which gives you the answers after you've finished all ten questions. - Learn...

  • English Writing (Free)




    This app contains more than 1483 email templates in variant subjects (Business, Employment, Billing, Job,...). This app will help improve your English Writing skills a lot. You can learn how to write emails effectively with variant writing patterns. And you can also compose emails with sample...

  • Test English Grammar II (Free)




    This app contains 1300 English Grammar matching questions. Each test has five questions and there are five answers that the same for each question. You can take the tests in auto-score mode, which marks the correct answer after each question, or test mode, which gives you the answers after...

  • Test English Grammar Free




    The game has 1925 English Grammar questions in all grammar fields from easy to difficult. You are free to answer the questions as long as you have enough time! Learn Mode: see the answer right after select, no delay time, and free to change the answer. Test Mode: only see the answer right after...

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