• Quilt Memory Game




    A simple minimal memory game about matching pairs. It helps you to train your memory, focus and concentration skills. A perfect way to pass the time while keeping your brain active. On every level you see a quilt pattern of tiles. Try to remember it and then restore it from your memory. Match...

  • Spot Sliding Puzzle




    Spot game is a simple sliding puzzle, similar to the Rubik's cube, except for there is a square board instead of a cube. You have 9 dots on the screen. You can drag/slide them or you can rotate them using intuitive touch gestures. Now try to solve this puzzle game by reconstructing the...

  • Harpion (Harmonica app)




    Harpion is a tiny app for a tiny musical instrument - harmonica (blues harp). It suits well for both, experienced harmonica players and beginners. You can use this app as a cheat-sheet when playing your real harp - it shows how notes are placed on your harmonica in the given key. You can also...

  • Talalarmo Alarm Clock




    Talalarmo is a simple alarm clock with minimalistic design. It supports single alarm time and choosing sound. That's all. It assumes a very easy way to be set in two taps. Features: * Clean, minimal and easy-to-use design with clean black and white flat theme * Always have only one alarm...

  • Obsqr QR Scanner




    Obsqr is a fast and simple QR code scanner. It does just one thing and does it well - it scans. Minimal design allows you to access QR content with a single tap. By the way, it's free and open-source - check Obsqr can decode the following QR types: URLs,...

  • Chipr




    Chipr is a CHIP8 emulator, a legendary video game platform from the 70s. Please, if you don't like retro games, skip this app and don't vote negatively. CHIP-8 platform is a minimal, easy-to-learn and fun to play.

  • Hunt the Wumpus




    Hunt the Wumpus is an early Unix text-based game, where a mysterious monster lurks deep inside a network of rooms. You must find out and kill him until the Wumpus did it first. You have three bullets for reaching a goal. Keep your eyes open and avoid the dangers on your way!

  • Hungarian rings




    Go back to childhood! Do you remember exciting oldschool puzzle containing two intersecting rings of balls that should be separated from each other by rotating? So it is! The game has two playmodes - balls can be shuffled automatically when you shake your phone or manually if you would like to...

  • Twenty Words




    This application is for those who like to travel, but had difficulty establishing contact with the native residents. 20 most useful words for tourists will help you to be sociable, even in a foreign country. This version contains both Russian and English localizations

  • 8 ball




    It's a ball with legendary fortune-telling power! It helps you to take complex decisions easily or to make forecasts. Where to go this evening? Will it rain on Monday? Will your favorite football team win today? This ball definitely knows! English and Russian languages available.

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