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  • Latitude





    With this Latitude app you can: - Share your own gps location with anyone you want - Share location of some point on the map. For example if you want to meet someone in some place and want to send him location of that place on the map. When you launch Latitude Location Share you will see your...

  • Minesweeper





    Minesweeper free! Minesweeper is a casual puzzle-game based on classic Minesweeper game. Playing Minesweeper will help to improve your logical thinking and train your brain every day. Minesweeper controls: Tap one time to mark/unmark a tile as a mine Tap and hold if you want to uncover the...

  • Time Tracker

    Time Tracker




    Time Tracker free! Track your time with one button click! You can track time with Time Tracker for any activity you want and of course add your own activities! On the statistics page of Time Tracker you can see all information about time tracking for current day, week or month. In the nearest...

  • Mirror





    The best mirror in your phone! And the simpliest and lightweight mirror ever! Use your front camera as a make up mirror, mirror for putting on your contact lenses, mirror to check your hair and all other ways you would use the real mirror. This mirror can do everything normal mirror can but also...

  • Spy Camera

    Spy Camera




    With latest update Spy Camera will take hidden photos with maximum possible resolution. Take instant photos with silent Spy Camera! Capture your friends when they are not posing! Use hardware volume buttons to take hidden photo! There will be no preview, no sound and no flash during taking...