• Jingle Bell Bombs




    It's Christmas time and evil Jack Frost is here to ruin the holiday by dropping ornaments stuffed with bombs. Stop him with Santa's magical bag of goodies and save Christmas. NEW UPDATES FOR 2014 * Ever Increasing Challenging Waves * Google Play Services integration * Evil Jack Frost...

  • Slots of Atlantis




    You've heard a lot about Atlantis, the mythical land that sank beneath the sea. But have you heard about their casinos? Legend has it they actually let you win once in a while. This underwater Atlantis themed slot machine pays well and pays often...unlike the real casino. Complete with...

  • Halloween Pumpkin Smash Redux




    Halloween is near and a pesky ghost is dropping pumpkin bombs to ruin the holiday. Your job is to stop the pumpkin bombs at all costs and save Halloween. NEW UPDATES FOR 2014 * Ever Increasing Challenging Waves * Google Play Services integration * Evil ghost nemesis * Halloween fun * Zombies...

  • Super Bouncy Ball




    Super Bouncy Ball brings back the brick busting classic with a modern touch in this Arkanoid / Breakout like clone. Play through Redux mode in 3D with high resolution graphics or go old school in the 2D classic Retro mode. Catch the power-ups for maximum points and hit the gems for power balls....

  • Russian Squat Routine




    The Russian Squat Routine is an 8 week leg workout designed for those who are in a squat rut or for those looking to increase their max. This is the "Russian Squat Routine for Masters" which is a modified version of the well known original in that legs are worked 2x per week instead of...

  • Bench Press Workout




    Muscle Media's Bench Press Routine for the Android! This workout is based off of MM2K's popular "Add 50LBS To Your Bench Press" program. Now you do not have to carry around a book of paper and a bunch of charts as this app does it all for you.

  • Simple Meal Reminder




    Simple Meal Reminder * Easy way to set up meal reminders * Set up to 9 meals * Customize reminder messages * Set reminder to silent, vibrate, or play your default notification sound Note: At this time rebooting your device will cancel all alarms. Your settings are saved so you will have to...

  • Killer Shooting Sniper X




    ======================================== Killer Shooting Sniper X- top game for clear vision and sniper training, today for free Aim for the crotch for maximum pain and maximum points !! Shoot out their cigarette !! Blow off their hat !! And finish them with a head shot to the temple for maximum...

  • Max Bench Press Calculator




    Quick and easy way to calculate your one rep max bench press based on using a manageable weight that you can do for several reps. * also works for other lifts such as squats and dead lifts

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