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  • Trivento Spring Camp


    In one afternoon a lot about Micro Services The use of Micro Services is booming. A lot has been published already about this topic and many conferences are being held. Trivento is fully enganged in utilizing the Micro Service architecture, which is an important ingredient of Reactive Systems....

  • van alcohol tot xtc




    Actuele basisinformatie over de meest gebruikte middelen. Wat zijn de meest gebruikte drugs? Hoe ziet het eruit? Hoe wordt het gebruikt? Wat zijn risico’s? Hoe zit het met combinatiegebruik? De app van alcohol tot xtc van IrisZorg Preventie geeft antwoord op deze en nog meer vragen. De...

  • LoveMyCustomer




    Designed for customer feedback and satisfaction research. LoveMyCustomer is a real time and location based marketing research tool. The app is mainly a B2B tool to get real time insight in the measurement of client satisfaction within an organization. The LoveMyCustomer app will enable you to...

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