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  • Zitate für Alle

    Zitate für Alle




    Androids Zitate App mit den meisten positiven Bewertungen - zu recht! - 10000e Zitate aus den unterschiedlichsten Gebieten - Einfaches Favoritensystem - Zitat-des-Tages Funktion - Viele auswählbare Stile für absolute Individualisierung - Eigene Zitate eintragen und veröffentlichen - Intelligente...

  • Math Tricks

    Math Tricks




    For the first time all mathematical tricks and secrets are unveiled in a clear way. It is for the people. That is why it is free. :) We provide the perfect basis for succeeding in "King of Math." Made by the same entertainment studio. You will be able to mentally calculate faster than...

  • King of Math

    King of Math




    *** The #1 Math trainer for Android *** "This is one of the best educational apps out there." - A professional brain trainer. One that is both efficient and fun to use. Have you ever wanted to be the "king" of something? Of course you have! We want to show you...

  • King of Math Pro

    King of Math Pro





    # Full version of the originally free "King of Math" app » All chapters unlocked immediately » More time to solve problems » Becoming king was never easier before A professional brain trainer. One that is both efficient and fun to use. Have you ever wanted to be the "king" of...

  • 16 German states

    16 German states





    This is political geography 101 in Germany! Learn about Germany and its interesting states (german: "Bundesländer") in a way you never did before! Do not let this brilliant chance pass by! * Search Information * Share key facts with friends * Quiz included Quickly search for a...

  • Tap Twice

    Tap Twice




    Tap objects to prevent them from touching the dirty, dirty floor. Numerous events will randomly crush in and make doing this seemingly simple action more difficult. Footballs fading slowly becoming invisible and apples that actually fly upward. Proof yourself in many worlds where gravity,...

  • Chat-up lines

    Chat-up lines




    Learn how to chat-up the partner you like! This apps provides thousands of approved chat-up lines, so you got always the perfect thing to say! Most likely on a party or within a disco! Favorite the lines you really like and kick them out of the favorites if your getting rid of hearing it. You...

  • Mach mich an

    Mach mich an




    Die Top-App unter den Jugendlichen kostenlos für dein Phone oder Tablet! Anmachen! Anmachen und Anmachspüche bis zum geht nicht mehr! :) Nicht nur der Kontakt mit anderen Menschen macht uns Spaß, sondern auch das durchlesen der Anmachsprüche schmeisst riesen Laune auf. Bring Freunde und...

  • Zitate für Alle pro

    Zitate für Alle pro




    Jeden Tag ein neues Zitat! oder Zwei oder Drei ;) Einfach und gemütlich schlaue, geistreiche, aber auch witzige Zitate moderner, bekannter und zukünftig bekannter Künstler lesen und mit Freunden teilen! Warum zukünftig bekannter Autoren erfahren Sie einige Zeilen weiter unten. Hier einige...

  • The Chick Code

    The Chick Code




    Of course Barney Stinson thinks that everything started with his "Bro Code." But that's simply wrong. Chicks obey the true code since primeval times, since back then when two girls met at the toilet for the first time. Get the legendary Chick Code now, and recognize how girls see...

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